Joseline Hernandez Attacks Girl For Coughing On Her Show

Joseline Hernandez, who was recently on Wendy Williams' show and spawned a viral moment about Wendy not giving her her flowers, is now going viral again - but this time for a different reason.

On the latest episode of her Zeus show, "Joseline's Cabaret", Joseline is seen berating a woman on the show simply for coughing while she was speaking.

Joseline is speaking, and the girl starts coughing, and then Joseline explodes on her, yelling, "who you coughin at?!"

She went on: "When I was talking, she started coughing. B***, like I'm some type of f**** germ. I know you ain't coughing at me, h**. You can't be coughing at me."

It went for even longer, with the girl being clearly perplexed at why Joseline was so mad at a simple cough.

In the interview with Wendy Williams from a few weeks ago (WATCH HERE), Joseline was upset that Wendy didn't uplift girls more often - but it seems Joseline may need to take her own advice.

Watch the entire clip below. WARNING: Explicit language.

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