Man Close To Fathering 100 Kids Says 'Don't Focus On Me'.More details here!

Ari Nagel has been helping women get pregnant around the would with his sperm donations. Nagel is receiving heat because he currently has 77 children which has given him the name "The Sperminator". According to, "I have 77 children, that's true, but then you look at the three women that we just saw on the screen and they don't have 77 children," Nagel says in the clip. "For them, it's about them having their first child or their second child. So it's not so much -- don't focus on me, you more focus on them, who just, they want to have a family." Clearly, Nagel doesn't want us in his business, but he has done a few interviews with people such as Dr. Oz and Claire Byrme Live.

Now, before you think he's rolling in money from his donations, he donated his sperm free of charge. Plot twist... he is not an official record holder of who has the most kids in the world. Let that sink in!

Photo Credit: @GettyImages


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