Wendy Williams Stunned As Joseline Hernandez Throws Major Shade

It was a wild episode of Wendy Williams' talk show today, when Zeus TV host Joseline Hernandez came on for a shoe segment... but stayed to air out her grievances with the controversial television host.

Joseline, who was a cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, and now hosts the Zeus TV show, Joseline's Cabaret, appeared on the show today for a shoe segment, but had a long list of problems with Wendy first, much to Wendy's annoyance.

While Wendy kept trying to direct the segment back on track, Joseline essentially added that she didn't think Wendy was supportive enough of the young black women (and women of color in general) out there who are hustling - "not giving them their flowers." She also added that every time Joseline comes on the show, she claims Wendy just wants to compare her to other women.

Now Joseline threw in some major shade too - adding that her show was #1 on TV (to which Wendy corrected her, saying it was #1 on *ZEUS TV*), while also saying that Wendy was "35 years her senior", which is not true - Wendy is 56, and Joseline is 34.

At one point Wendy nearly gave up, throwing flowers at the monitor, saying "here's your flowers!", and at another point, just saying, "should we cut her off?", clearly done with Joseline not staying on topic.

Check out the entire segment below.

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