Adopted Woman Learns Her Biological Father Is On FBI Most Wanted List!

Kathy Gillcrist, a North Carolinian woman, was adopted as an infant. Gillcrist wanted to learn more about her family and took a DNA test. She managed to locate her a cousin on biological mother's side of the family and learned so much! Susan Gilmore, her third cousin helped her unravel some family secrets. Gillcrist thought her biological family could have been famous and later learned that was in fact famous just not how she expected. According to, " Her biological father is one of the FBI's Most Wanted Fugitives for brutally murdering his mother, wife and three sons in 1976".

The whereabouts of her biological father still unknown. However Gillcrist told, "My gut feeling is he's alive and living in Europe," she told the outlet. "Because he lived in Europe for a time. He had the means and cognitive abilities to get himself back there."

Even though this story has taken a unexpected turn, at least her questions were answered. Be careful what you ask for!

Photo Credit: @GettyImages

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