Woman Who Put Gorilla Glue In Hair Finally Able to Cut Off Ponytail

Tessica Brown, now known among the internet as "Gorilla Glue Girl", has another update in the saga - TMZ reports that she managed to cut off her entire ponytail, but that the saga is not yet over. If you're unfamiliar with everything that has happened so far, click here.

TMZ reports that Tessica "worked on her rock hard hair for 4 hours Tuesday", and that she used glue remover to cut off her ponytail for some relief. Her and a friend used Goof Off superglue remover to try and relieve the pain a bit and make some progress.

While the ponytail is off, the rest of her hair still has the Gorilla Glue on it, and they report that she's planning to fly to LA to meet with a doctor in Beverly Hills doctor who is saying he can remove the rest of the glue that is currently on the top of her head.

Check out the videos below of the latest update.

UPDATE 2/11: The hair is FREE! Tessica Brown was finally able to get her hair loose after a 4 hour procedure. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO + INFO!

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