Woman Who Put Gorilla Glue In Her Hair May Sue The Company; They Respond

A wild story gets even wilder — many on the internet this week have been talking about a woman, Tessica Brown, who has gone viral, after she was trying to get help from the internet post putting Gorilla Glue in her hair when she ran out of hairspray.

TMZ reports that Tessica has still not been able to get the glue out of her hair after an entire month now and she’s now lawyering up. They also report Tessica spent 22 hours in the ER this past weekend, with the staff “dumbfounded.” Healthcare workers tried to put acetone on the back of her head, but it burned her scalp and made the glue gooey before hardening back up. She also tried using rubbing alcohol, but that didn’t work either.

TMZ reports that Tessica has now hired an attorney and is “weighing her legal options against Gorilla Glue.” They report that Tessica is now saying it was misleading, since the label on the product says “do not use on eyes, skin or clothing”, with no mention of hair.

Tessica has been crowdfunding her medical bills, and her GoFundMe has raised over $9,000.

Gorilla Glue has now responded to all of this, saying, that Tessica is in a “unique situation” and that the product she used “is not indicated for use in or on hair as it considered permanent.” Read the entire statement below.

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