Allentown Teacher Suspended For Being Near U.S. Capitol During Riots!

Jason Moorehead, an Allentown teacher, is requesting a apology from the Allentown school district.

Moorehead mentioned he was in attendance for the "Save the Steal" rally on January 6th, but never made it to the Capitol to riot, according to

Jason a 17 year teacher deems that the school district is to blame for his tarnished name. According to the, the day after the riot, the Superintendent posted a letter on the districts website stating Jason was suspended for his role in the insurrection. Jason has demanded an apology and will not take no for an answer.

The district continues to stand by their following beliefs: "The district is fully within its right, as well as its obligation, to investigate the conduct of one of its teachers who might be involved in conduct that could interfere with his role as an effective teacher," (

Moorehead possibly is in the process of filing a lawsuit for being penalized for his political beliefs. The status of Moorehead's place in the classroom is unknown, but he is just one of many that have been removed or suspended behind the Capitol riots.

Be careful what you do, you never know who's watching!

Photo Credit: @gettyimages


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