Video Shows 'Chucky' Attacking People On New York Subway

You may have seen a viral video this week of someone dressed as the horror icon Chucky in a New York Subway trying to attack people (if you haven’t seen it, check it out below). The video finds someone dressed up as Chucky bothering a maskless woman on the subway as she tries to move away from him. Once she’s able to walk away, Chucky tries running after her but ends up getting his wig snatched instead by another subway-goer.

Well, a bit unsurprisingly, while viral, it turns out that the entire thing was a prank. The Daily Dot reports that the video was taken by a Brooklyn filmmaker, who confirmed it was all staged, including the woman who was being attacked by Chucky, Chucky himself, and the man next to them.

The people behind the video told The Daily Dot that the prank was a “social experiment” and that it was done to see how people would reach on the subway by a woman being attacked by “Chucky.” One of them even added: “As expected, no one helped. Instead, they decided to record.”

The choice for the woman not to wear a mask was on purpose as well, as they wanted to se if that would affect people helping her out or not. (Though, we should be clear — we should all be wearing masks, even if we’re doing a staged stunt!)

They apparently had filmed another video with the same prank on another subway train, that apparently did not turn up anywhere, but they said “it was pretty much the same reaction.”

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