The Graham Cracker's We Love Weren't Made For S'mores. *May Ruin Childhoods

Tiktoc has been the source of humorous, socially conscience, and many more types of videos. The discussion of the origin of the Graham Cracker has resurfaced on this social platform that confused a lot of people. I had to get some answers!

According to, "These sweet, perforated crackers came into existence ... with the goal of controlling your sexual desires." How you may ask? Sylvester Graham, the creator of the Graham Cracker, believed that lust stemmed from a poor diet. To help move people into his evangelical way of thinking, he then purposed that mass production of goods were no good to the body and the closet way to god was to create your own food from scratch. Graham Cracker's are the kind of dense, brown bread, we imagine, that would make the most lustful teenager renounce sex all together just to escape another slice. (The sugar-and-bleached-flour-filled version we love today is actually the handiwork of Nabisco.) according to the

Sylvester Graham could have been the first to create fad diets. Who ever thought you could learn so much on a app!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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