Ex-McDonald Employee Shares Secrets About McDonald's Prepare Their Meals.

Michael Ryan a former McDonald's employee let's us in on the secret behind some of our beloved items on the menu.

Michael explains the science behind why McDonald's drinking straws are much longer than most, the truth behind their Coca-Cola drinks and so much more.

According to the The-sun.com, the former McDonald's employee states "For example, your straw at McDonald’s is larger...Because it lets more carbonation hit your tongue and makes the soda taste better. "McDonald’s actually commissions Coke for their own recipe of syrup, that’s why their coke has a little bit more sugar and a lot more flavour." This is the reason why Coco-Cola tastes better at McDonald’s. Who would have known!

Also, if you enjoy their grilled chicken strips, sandwich's or salads just know the chicken is injected with a salt water solution to keep the chicken moist according to the-sun.com.

Overall, the Billion dollar corporation has many more tricks to their trade. For more McDonald secrets click here for more details.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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