Florida Man Arrested For Strapping A Light Pole To Car Roof!!! More Here.

Whenever I'm looking for stories to bring to you, just know Florida never disappoints! A 71 year old man from Florida was arrested this past weekend for strapping a light pole to the roof of his car. He was spotted by authorities on a Tampa, FL highway and was charged with grand theft. To paint an accurate picture of the event, the vehicle was a Toyota Camry that carried the pole which was double the size of the car!

According to Foxnew.com, the Florida Man found the light pole on the ground and wanted to sell the metal for scraps. Fun Fact: it is illegal to remove broken utility and light poles in Florida. He his currently being held on bond for $2,000, however the passenger was not charged.

Just keep this in mind the next time you plan to visit Florida!

Photo credit: @GettyImages


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