End Sars: “My Heart Weeps For Nigeria” – Rihanna

  • Rihanna is speaking out about the ongoing protests in Nigeria. Just as in America, Nigerians are facing police brutality within the country as End Sars protestors were injured and at least one protestor was killed by police in Lekki on Tuesday (October 20th). 
  • “I can’t bear to see this torture and brutalization that has continued to affect nations across our planet!”Rihanna tweeted. 
  • “It’s such a betrayal to the citizens, the very people put in place to protect are the ones we are almost afraid of being murdered by!”Rihanna wrote alongside a picture of a bloody Nigerian flag.“My heart is broken for Nigeria man! What is just watched is unbearable to watch. I’m so proud of your strength and not giving up on what is right.” 
  • Photo: Getty