Airbnb Offers Special Which Allows People To Be "Mayor of Hell".

I've seen creative Airbnb's before, but never like this. John Colone, An Airbnb owner in Hell, Michigan offers the service of being the "Mayor of Hell". Colone is a self proclaimed Mayor of this area. According to Colone is he ultimate Halloween fan. The "Mayor's Lair" which is a tiny house that will be available for three one-night stays that will come with his unofficial title for 24 hours. "The "Mayor's Lair" includes a queen-sized bed, gothic-style sitting area, fire pit, outdoor movie screen and supply of locally grown pumpkins to carve."(

Colone's Airbnb is listed for $31 per night in the spirit of Halloween's 31st date. Tis the Halloween season.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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