N.C Man Leaves Bloody Horrific Message On A Sorority House!

911 officers respond to call of a man with a machete in the the Greenville area. The man in question was seen with self inflicted bloody wounds which were used to write satanic messages on the sorority house and vehicles outside of the home. According to foxnews.com, "the Capt. Chris Sutton of the ECU : I think it was just cuts, lacerations,” Capt. Chris Sutton of the ECU police told WITN-TV. “Nothing severed but enough to transfer blood onto a couple different surfaces where the individual wrote different messages believed to be satanic in nature and some of the verbiage from some of the things he was saying was also believed to be sadistic in nature". No officers or residents were injured in arresting the individual.

This is wild!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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