Michael Cohen Wished He Smacked Trump For Comments Made About His Daughter!

I didn't know Michael Cohen had this type of beef with Trump. Everything related to the trump scandal, it began with Michael Cohen. If you can recall, Michael was Trump's right hand man. Well In a recent interview with The View, he opened up about his Trump inappropriate comments made about his 15-year-old daughter. According to Cohen, Trump stated, "Apparently, Trump inquired about when she "got so hot" after telling Cohen to check out that "piece of ass." Though Cohen informed Trump that was his kid, he didn't, however, do much else."

It gets worse.. Cohen didn't respond to the comments made and blamed it on being apart of the "Trump cult".

"Under any other circumstances, I wouldn't have allowed anyone to speak about her that way. But I was part of the cult. I was a big part of the cult and there really was no wrong that he could do even though I knew it was wrong. I don't have an answer," Michael Cohen said.

Check out the video below.

Photo Credit: Youtube

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