Husband Divorces Wife After Seeing Her w/ Another Man On Google Maps!

Google Maps is diabolical! An image that went viral on Facebook led to the demise of this marriage. In the capital of Peru a row of benches became viral and it just so happened to be his wife with another man! The interesting part is that the man and woman in the photo identity was blurred due to Google's Privacy protection, but the husband just knew! You would think her outfit is normal for woman in the world to wear, but he knew it was her. When confronted, she later admitted to the affair.

According to "It's not the first time someone has been left baffled by a finding on Google Maps, after one eagle-eyed user was left in stitches when they came across a funny sight in the US - and was kind enough as to share their findings online for the rest of us to see."

Be care where you do your dirt, you never know if you may make a cameo on Google maps!

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