The President Wants to Delay November's Election

Here goes your president again. President Trump wants to delay the November elections. Of course what he thinks is correct. How crazy is it that he tweeted something about delaying the election on the same day Congressman John Lewis was laid to rest. Lewis was known for his fight for equal rights and voting rights. The president is clowning again. So what lead him to want to delay the elections? He basically said, the universal mail-in voting would make November's vote "the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history" and a "great embarrassment to the USA". Really though? He's the great embarrassment to the USA. Wait, did I type that? I did. The president believes that mail-in voting would be susceptible to foreign interference. So what do others thing? Well, it seems like the elections will still go down in November. According to CNN, man congressional Republicans, including more than a dozen members in both the House and Senate and in the party's leadership, openly rejected delaying the election suggestion. It sounds like the president isn't confident about what the outcome may look like, however, he does not have the power to change the date of the election. Election Day is set by congressional statute, and most experts agree that it cannot be changed without congressional approval. So insert my good old shoulder shrug to his idea.

President Trump (Getty)

President Trump (Getty)

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