Migos Sue Lawyer For Excessive Fee's & Conflict of Interests

The musical trio, Migos, is in the media for suing their talent lawyer, Damien Granderson, for charging "Excessive Fees" that were not agreed upon in their legal contract.

In addition to over charged services, they are adding to their suit "Conflict of Interest" regarding representation from their label. According to www.hollywoodreporter.com, "The attorney failed to disclose the conflict, according to the suit, and instigated a legal dispute with 300 to move the group to Capitol Records...The Migos also allege that Granderson made mistakes in drafting agreements and practiced law without a California license five years after moving to Los Angeles. (Davis Shapiro, his employer before he launched his own firm in 2019, previously had offices in both New York and L.A.)".

CEO of Quality Control Music Pierre "Pee" Thomas made a public statement on Wednesday in response to the lawsuit. "It is unfortunate that the same people that we have worked hard for, provided opportunities for, and championed for are now alleging that we have participated in any kind of immoral or unfair business practices or took advantage of them and their careers," it reads, in part. "I will not stand by and let Quality Control Music’s reputation and everything we have built and sacrificed be tarnished by allegations of unfair and unjust business practices. ... I understand in this business that you are not always going to end with the people you started with. I say that to say, I am not forcing anybody to be in business with us that has a problem and cannot communicate and does not want to work as a unit. Everything is negotiable." according to www.hollywoodreporter.com.

Hopefully this can be worked out in house. This story is still unfolding, we will keep you updated.

Photo Credit: @GettyImages

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