Flo Rida Accused of Neglecting Child & Custody Support Agreement!

Alexis Adams is the Mother of Flo Rida's child Zohar. She has made claims of that he has neglected the needs of their child which has been detrimental to his learning. Zohar was diagnosed with Autism one year prior and requires additional assistance to meet his medical needs. Due to the lack of support from his father, Zohar has been admitted into a local public school and has begun to decline regarding his educational growth.

Adams states, " Flo Rida has not paid for the child’s healthcare insurance and school tuition, and adds that he’s been late on child support.", according Balleralert.com.

What makes this story interesting is that Flo Rida has made many donations to assisting in COVID-19 testing in Miami. According to Balleralert, Flo Rida just purchased a 1.5 Million dollar home. It looks like finically he's doing just fine.

Photo Credit: @GettyImages

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