Lil Baby Pissed at Walmart For Bootlegging Chain

You know there are several companies that will create a knock-off in a heartbeat. Some may call it inspiration, but when the items look identical, it's basically a fake, or knock-off. Well Lil Baby isn't trying to hear that mess at all. Apparently the rapper caught wind of Walmart selling a chain on their website that he has that reads 4PF, 4 Pockets Full. He had a chain customized a while back and didn't like what Walmart did, plus the fact the description included his name as if he were endorsing the cheap pieces. According to Hip Hop Wired, Walmart showcased several versions of the 4PF chains, but of course the company didn't design the pieces. The retailer of the knock-offs were listed as Weekend Gifts. Since Lil Baby called them out, even though he didn't say anything about taking legal action, Walmart apparently changed their listing on the site and it no longer reads his name and it seems they have since removed the chains.

Lil Baby (Getty)

Lil Baby (Getty)

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