Jay-Z Files Trademark Lawsuit Over a Children's Book

Damn, Jay-Z isn't showing any love to a book that is basically shouting out the rapper. Have you heard of the children's book, "A B to Jay Z"? It's pretty much a hip-hop inspired kid's book to help them with their alphabets, but with a little twist. Sounds innocent, right? Well Jay-Z isn't happy with it. According to The Jasmine Brand, Jay had been trying to send cease and desist letters to the publishing company for the past few years, since 2017. The Australian company, The Little Homie, is in trouble with Jay because he says in his lawsuit,  there was "a deliberate and knowing attempt to trade off the reputation and goodwill" to profit off of his likeness "for their own commercial gain." Everything sounds a bit innocent until you dig deep because come to find out, the owner of Little Homie, Jessica Chiha, who is Australian is accused of stating in her Kickstarter campaign that her book is for "the next generation of hood rats." And therein lies the problem, so we understand why Jay is throwing this lawsuit their way.

Jay Z (getty)


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