Tupac ‘Alive’ Conspiracy Rages On As Video "Shows" Him 'On Phone In 2019’

A new video has surfaced of Tupac or at least a look-alike. The video shows a man, who looks a lot like the “Makaveli” rapper, talking on a cell phone, walking around in a driveway, smoking a cigarette and drinking a can of soda. 

The footage was filmed from behind a bush and has the title, “2 Pac Age 48.” The video was uploaded to YouTube and titled, 'Finally Footage of Tupac alive in 2019, age 48'.

No audio can be heard in the video so it’s unclear if the man in the video sounds like Tupac, but conspiracy theorists believe this could be proof of Tupac’s existence. 

"Pac has risen. Hallelujah,” one viewer commented, however, there are people who are skeptical about the video with one user commenting, "Stop it bro, you're hilarious.”

Have you seen the new footage of “Tupac?” Do you think it’s really him? 

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