TV Courtroom Star Judge Mathis Accused Of Spitting In Valet's Face

In a twist of fortunes, Judge Mathis, the famous TV courtroom judge, may have to go in front of a judge himself after he allegedly spit on on a Detroit valet.

TMZ reports that Judge parked his car last Friday in Detroit, but when he left, things turned ugly fast, and the valet and Mathis got into a heated argument very quickly. Mathis apparently chewed him out with expletives because he took too long retrieving another car and accidentally taking Mathis’ keys with him.

Despite apologizing, the situation did not sit well with Mathis and he allegedly spit right in the valet’s face and then fled. The valet filed a police report for criminal assault, and the cops are now currently investigating.

Mathis went on “TMZ Live” this week to clear the air, saying he never spat on the valet, but did get into a verbal argument with him. He says he’s not aware of any police report.

Photo: Getty

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