Actor Danny Trejo Rescues Baby Trapped In Overturned Car

It appears there is nothing that Danny Trejo can’t do! The actor was a real-life hero yesterday when he helped rescue a special-needs child that was trapped in an overturned car in California! WOW!

Two cars collided on Wednesday when Trejo happened to be in the area — one of the cars was overturned on its roof and the special-needs child was trapped inside into their car seat. Trejo and another bystander stepped in and rescued the kid!

The scene got even more intense - he tried to crawl into the wreckage, but he couldn’t unbuckle the car seat. The other bystander got into the car from the other side to unbuckle, and Trejo was then able to pull the baby out of the car and out of the wreckage!

Trejo said he has worked with special-needs kids so he knew what to do in the situation to keep the young child calm.

Check out the interview with Trejo below:

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