Flipp Dinero Backstage Interview at Peace on the Streets

Flipp Dinero joins the Rise N Grind Morning Show's Mikey Dredd backstage at our Power 99 July Peace on the streets.

They talk about the success of Flipp's single "Leave Me Alone" and the inspiration behind the song plus Flipp's newest single titled, "If I Tell You." The song is produced by Tay Keith and the visuals are directed by Teyana Taylor. Flipp shares that his new single is different than "Leave Me Alone," calling the song a vibe but is thankful to Odell Beckham for helping the song go viral.

Flipp Dinero shares that he's been busy over the past two years with the process of making music, touring, and new projects. He's got a new project coming out soon!

Flipp also explains how he broke into the music scene. He made connections with people, hustled his music, shared it with DJ's in clubs and strip clubs. Flipp says, "Honestly, you know what I'm saying, like you can't get ahead of yourself. Even though you know you're talented, you know your music, it's of substance and you know that it could touch the people in a way that you could imagine - you still gotta put in that footwork because it's mandatory. You gotta make sure that the connection is being made physically. You know what I'm saying, make sure that they can actually see your expression and see how you feel about your content. You know what I'm saying, it's extremely important that you still do that ground work when it comes to your music."

Check out the full interview below:

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