Police Warn Flushing Drugs Down The Toilet Could Create 'Meth-Gators'

This is something that shouldn’t need to be sad, but Police in Tennessee are saying it anyway — do not flush drugs of any kind down the drain, and they are especially telling people to not flush down any type of hard drugs they may come in contact with, because it could cause ‘meth-gators.’ Yes… meth-gators.

In Tennessee, the local police department posted on Facebook saying that the sewer pipes go to treatment ponds where you’ll find tons of different animals like ducks, geese, and alligators. So, technically, you could have meth-ducks, meth-geese, and meth-gators.

Apparently, it’s already a problem too — they say the Tennessee River in Alabama “had enough methed up animals the past few weeks.” Yikes. The police are telling the public to call the police if they need to dispose of any drugs.

The post ended by saying, they “shudder to think what one [alligator] all hyped on meth would do.” A scary thought for sure!

Check out their entire Facebook post here.

Photo: Getty

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