City Girls' Yung Miami Talks JT's Jail Time

City Girls' Yung Miami joins Power 99's Roxy Romeo and Cappuchino backstage at our Powerhouse 2018! 

The Miami girls get down to all the gossip talking about Trina and influences. Yung Miami explains her relationship with Trina saying, "Trina's like my God-mom, you know. Trina grew up like raising me. Like her and my mom was friends back in the day. So it's like you know she raised me." But when it comes to music, Yung Miami didn't need Trina's help since their single blew up but Trina did offer her support and encouragement to the City Girls. 

Yung Miami also discusses her partner JT being locked up saying, "It's like a roller coaster you know like one minute I'm up and then one minute I'm down. Like I was just on the phone with her backstage and I'm like girl you need to hurry up and come back home because I'm tired on the tour myself." But things are looking up for JT because she might be coming home sooner than expected.

Roxy asks Yung Miami what it's like hittin' the stage without JT and she explains, "I ain't gonna lie, I be surprised. Like when I go out there and I'm just doing like the 'free JT' movie, I'm like let me get a 'free JT'... you know what I'm saying the energy is there. Everywhere I going they scream like 'free JT'" Yung Miami is looking forward to getting her girl back with her. 

Being a mother, Yung Miami discusses what it's like being on the road with a five year old at home. Plus Yung Miami, Capp, and Roxy discuss their Miami hometown.

Check out the full interview below. 

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