Meet Juice WRLD, the genre shifting rapper that is taking the industry by storm, and creating his own unique lane. This young artist is on the rise and taking Hip-Hop in a different direction. While most 19 year-olds are returning to college, Juice WRLD has taken the time to study his craft and scored a $3 million record deal. His music collides two completely different worlds together and can be described as emo-rap. His EP WRLD 999 is a play on numbers, both the year he was born (1999) and the number 666. He told Elevator that he flipped the number in order to “take the hell that I’m in and turn it upside down.” His creative outlook is what makes him special to the Hip Hop game. 

Power House Artist Juice WRLD

Listen to Juice WRLD's single "Lucid Dreams"

Ever wonder where an artist's name comes from? Well, watch this video to find out how Juice WRLD got his name. 

You know you're popping when your hit single gets covered by a rock band. Check out Thirty Seconds To Mars cover of "Lucid Dreams" by Juice WRLD. 

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