5 Facts You Need To Know About Lil Baby

Once again, Powerhouse is giving a platform to those upcoming artists that are taking the industry by storm and creating their own unique lane. Check out some cool and yet interesting facts you should know about Lil Baby before he hits the PowerHouse stage. 

  • Becoming a musician wasn’t at the top of his goals list; He had a natural talent that everyone around him noticed. So, he decided to give rapping a try, and it just clicked.
  • His rap career is still green. Lil Baby just started rapping a little over a year ago.
  • He is signed to Quality Control and has known the Migos for before the fame. 
  • His single “Yes Indeed” was given to him by Drake.
  • He has an upcoming joint project with Gunna that will be titled “Drip Harder”.
Powerhouse Artist Lil Baby

Check out his summer banger that put him on the map, "My Dawg" 


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