T.I. Got Mad When Security Guard Cursed Out Wife Tiny

More details are emerging about T.I.'s arrest on Wednesday (May 16) morning. As we previously reported, Tip was cuffed after getting into an argument with a security guard outside of his gated community in Georgia.

"According to local reports, the rapper was trying to get to his house Wednesday morning -- around 4 AM -- but didn't have his key," the outlet previously reported. "T.I. and a friend argued with the guard at the security shack, who wouldn't let them enter ... and it got heated enough that cops showed up."

After the initial disagreement, T.I. was eventually let inside of his community. However, he walked back to the guard on foot to address something else that we didn't know before. But, we do now. We just learned that the reason the rapper went back to the guard was because he cursed out Tiny, T.I.'s wife.

"He says the guard claimed he couldn't find T.I. on the resident directory, so T.I. had his wife, Tameka 'Tiny' Harris, call," TMZ's new report claims. "He says Tiny asked why the hold-up and said, 'Just let him in.' T.I. claims the guard barked back at Tiny, 'Who the f*** do you think you is talking to me like this?'"

That's when Tip started shouting back explicit insults at the guard and demanded to be let inside of his home. T.I. also demanded that the guard give him his name. But, the guard just looked at him with a "blank face."

TMZ continues: "T.I. says he went home, cooled down and then decided to walk back to get the guy's name -- but only got more of the silent treatment. He admits, at this point, saying, 'You can step outside the booth into the street, so we can talk.'

"T.I. says he saw the guard on the phone telling cops, "Yes, a black male right in front of me in a striped shirt." T.I.'s upset the responding officers spoke to the guard and his supervisor behind closed doors, then handcuffed him before even asking his side of the story."

Tip is still very upset that the guard has yet to give him his name and that cops didn't check surveillance video to see what really took place, before they arrested him. 


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