T.I. Arrested For Assault, Public Drunkenness Outside His Gated Community

TMZ is reporting that T.I. was arrested after he got into a disagreement with a security guard in his own gated community in Georgia. 

"According to local reports, the rapper was trying to get to his house Wednesday morning -- around 4 AM -- but didn't have his key," the outlet claims. "T.I. and a friend argued with the guard at the security shack, who wouldn't let them enter ... and it got heated enough that cops showed up."

Eventually, Tip and his friend did make it inside of his gated community. However, the rapper must have had some more things to get off of his chest and headed back to the guard to confront him, once again. That's when police officers reported to the scene of the disagreement and cuffed the rapper. "Henry County PD arrested Tip for simple assault, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness," TMZ adds. "He certainly doesn't look too pissed in his mug shot. He's already been released ... without bail."

We're sure that T.I. will be speaking about this incident on his Instagram very soon. He's very active on the platform when he discusses other things that occur to him and that take place in society in regards to conflict, interaction with police and the like. 

Photo: Henry County Sheriff’s Office


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