Angie Martinez Sits Down With J. Cole For An Intimate Conversation


Since 2014 and the release of his project "2014 Forest Hills Drive", J. Cole has kept out of the public eye, keeping a low profile and only really coming out to go on tour or release new music. His last radio Interview was with Angie Martinez back in 2014 where he spoke about his new project. Since then Cole has accomplished a lot, moving back to his hometown of Fayetteville NC, dropping two projects that both broke records "4 Your Eyez Only" & "KOD". On "4 Your Eyez Only" Cole revealed that he was now a proud father to a baby girl. On the topic of being married, it was accidentally revealed that Cole was married to his longtime girlfriend during an Interview with "Black Panther" director Ryan Coogler in which he let the news slip.


With his new project "KOD" debuting at #1 In America and the announcement of the first-ever "Dreamville Festival" coming to North Carolina, J. Cole sat down with Power 105.1's Angie Martinez for an intimate Interview right before his performance at this year's Rolling Loud Festival. With Cole going on at 10p, that night he talked about what he does to prepare for a show saying he likes to meditate and take 10 minutes to clear his head. Speaking on meditation Cole said "I do it when a little or a lot of anxiety, that's what I don't like about myself I want to become disciplined so it becomes apart of my life and something that I do every day", he also touched about how not doing an Interview in a long time made him nervous for this so he had to Meditate before he sat down with Angie. 


Angie then brought up their last Interview with 2014, in which she says she still sees clips shared on Twitter to this day because much of what Cole said in that Interview still holds up. They went on to speak about the interview saying that they were able to sit down and just have a genuine conversation which is something that isn't seen much in Interviews now. Talking about how he feels about Interviews and feeling vulnerable sitting in the chair he spoke on how that when he begins to speak about something he wants to make sure he gets all his thoughts out saying "I'm a dangerous interview because its hard for me to lie, not only is it hard for me to lie, its hard for me not to go in on the whole truth". 

Pulling out the facts behind the past two albums that Cole dropped Angie wanted to see if these broken records meant anything to the Dreamville rapper, also asking if Drake ever hits him up when he beats one of his records. Cole responded by jokingly saying "yeah he texts me saying I hate you, but Nah I never really hear from him when that happens". Cole has also recently rejoined social media talking about how trash he is at using social platforms. One of the first people he responded to when he hopped back on twitter was Cardi B who recently had dropped her debut project "Invasion of Privacy", on giving her advice on maneuvering through the industry he said, "they putting mad pressure on this girl to beat herself, and it's like I know what its like to be in those shoes and I wanted to just say something that's like you already won". 

Continuing on the topic of social media Cole related to how he stopped drinking. He said that there was always this feeling when he would go out that he would need to have a drink especially when he was on tour, eventually he tried to knock the habit but continued to feel the pressure of wanting to get a drink when he was out. However when he would say no or not drink he felt that he was in control and had power over this feeling. Relating it back to social media he feels the same feeling to look at his phone or check an app. What makes it hard for him to is because how involved he is even citing that he had to turn off his group chat notifications as he tries to overcome the want/need to check his phone. He also spoke on kids who grew up only knowing social media and this technological world "but somebody has to make them aware that something is pulling the strings, that's what I don't like, something pulling my strings". 


On "KOD", there were no features besides that of a mysterious artist going by the name of "Kill Edward", that person turned out the be J. Cole himself. when asked about Kill Edward, Cole said: "It's this artist he fire though, what do you mean he's me, nah he's me, I wanted to make it weird at least for 10 seconds". Cole's stepfather's name was Edward and the persona he created started after the release of "2014 Forest Hills Drive" after Cole felt that he had told so much of his story, starting to feel limited because he kept talking about himself. Another thing that came out of this feeling was his experimentation in music doing music as the persona of Kill Edward, saying the character is based off the stuff inside of him that he wants to kill and move past it. 

J Cole and Angie also talk about Kanye West, All The "lil" rappers J Cole refers to + more! 

Check Out The Conversation Between Angie Martinez and J. Cole below 


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