Mina's Mind Ep. 51 - Does Meek Mill Deserve Jail Time?

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In this episode of Mina SayWhat's podcast, Mina's Mind, she sits down with defense attorney Enrique Latioson to talk about the recent ruling that Meek Mill will serve 2-4 years in a state prison for violating his probation. Latioson breaks down what the Pennsylvania laws allow in cases like these and what is fair and unfair

I am a proponent of you do the crime - you do the time. I encourage people everyday on the radio to take responsibilities for their actions but this 2-4 year probation violation sentence for @meekmill is unjust. Has Meek violated his probation in the past? Absoluetly. He's been to jail for those violations. He's been trying to do the right thing. I've seen it with my own eyes. He is changing. The punishment for these 2 incidents that were dropped does not take into consideration the efforts he's made to change his life. One was a fight that he did not start with an overzealous fan that was mad Meek wouldnt take a pic and the other is for popping wheelies on a bike in Harlem on the set of a music video he got a permit for! He is 30! He's been dealing with probation from an incident that occured when he was 18. At what point does anyone stop and think hey putting this guy in jail for 2 years does not match the severity of the infractions. We just cant keep throwing people in jail that dont deserve it thinking that its going to help! And we cant keep thinking people will do better when they are trapped in a system that will not let go. The time must match the crime! Meek has done some things in the past that i've thought were very irresponsible. He's been punished for those things. But in this particular situation it bothers me to see a person trying to change his life lose 2 years (minimum) of his freedom. I've witnessed Meek go through many phases and changes the past couple of years. We have to give people the opportunity to improve themselves and take that improvement into consideration. Now im not a complainer. I believe in actions. Vote today. Some of the people who make decisions on the law get elected today.

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