Mina's Mind Podcast Ep. 43 - OVO Producer Mike Zombie Talk Drake's Writing Process

Mina SayWhat and Mike Zombie, a signed producer from OVO talk on Mina's Mind about his transition from New Jersey to Los Angeles. Twenty-four year old, Mike Zombie was first known for the beat on Drake's "Started From The Bottom" track. He was born and raised in South Jersey and continued his craft there. Zombie talks working with Jay-Z, Lil Durk, and Remy Boy Monty and the need for a change in his life moving to LA. He explains that moving there has brought better and more opportunities for him musically. Click here to here his take on working with Drake and the entire music industry as well as more Mina Mind episodes. http://power99.iheart.com/articles/mina-saywhat-feed-458636/



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