MIKE TYSON: Heavyweight Marijuana Farmer

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TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Several states in the Northeast may soon decriminalize possession as well.
  • Ironically, Tyson got clean and sober following an arrest for cocaine possession. He’s celebrated four years of continuous sobriety. But that doesn't mean others have to follow suit.
  • Mike Tyson transitions from boxing to "hot boxing."
mike tyson

As of the New Year, recreational weed is legal in California. So Iron Mike broke ground on a 40-acre farm he is calling Tyson Ranch. He plans to grow high-quality marijuana on the land, manufacture edibles, sell fertilizer and create a vacation resort for pot-smokers.

As a professional fighter, Tyson tested positive for marijuana and was fined 200-grand for it. Because he liked to get stoned before getting in the ring, Tyson cheated on drug tests using a so-called “whizzinator” that released clean pee from a realistic-looking private part. (The Blast)