Where is the world coming to? 42 year-old Leah Cuevas, has been arrested and charged for the murder of Chinelle LaToya Thompson Browne. Cuevas is accused of not only killing, but scattering Browne's body parts throughout Long Island. She was reported missing on July 8 when she didn't show up for work. NBC New York Sports reported that some sources revealed to NBC 4 New York that Cuevas, the landlord, and Browne had a dispute over her not paying rent. Browne disappeared right after the argument happened. Although Cuevas is charged, Browne's roommate is now a suspect in this case and her husband is also going to be questioned for this case. Browne apparently was living in the apartment building with the roomate after leaving her husband and four children to find work in New York. So sad, pray for her those four babies.