Philly's very own Eve has finally tied the knot! This is something precious, Eve and British Gumball 3000 motor rally CEO Maximillion Cooper got married on June 13 in Ibiza, Spain. According to an E News exclusive interview done with Maximillion the groom stated that, "I'm so happy to make Eve my wife. The whole experience has been amazing and we are both so happy to have tied the knot." The two have been seeing each other for about three to four years before pre-tying the knot by getting engaged on Christmas Day of last year.

For more on the details of the wedding you can Click Here.

She is forever doing something crazy and over-the-top.ORG! According to Rhymes With Snitch Tamar got into it something serious with her sisters honey. Gathering their information from Funky Dineva, Rhymes With Snitch reports that Traci, Towanda and Trina found that it would be funny to go on stage at Tamar's Atlanta concert and have a booty shaking session while Tamar was singing. Well honey Tamar didn't get the joke, didn't laugh and showed how much that didn't amuse her back stage. Apparently Tamar cussed them out all ways from Sunday and even threw a water bottle at Traci's head. Damn Tamar! It was just a little twerk session. You could've joined. Well, maybe next time.

When I tell you that Rhymes With Snitch has the tea, that's what I mean! Stevie J is on the brink of heading his behind back to the strip club. Now y'all remember the tea from last week when we said that Stevie J was arrested because of his unpaid child support, well apparently he is about to let that be the death of his money. According to Rhymes With Snitch via TMZ New York documents are stating that they have the power now to seize any property that he owns to satisfy his baby daddy debt. Well dang! Stevie, I know some part time work you can do to help. Do better Stevie!

We are sorry Pebbles but there is no money for you honey! According to The Jasmine Brand the Viacom network behind the TV movie "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story" is not playing no games with TLC's ex-manager Perri "Pebbles" Reid. So y'all remember that Pebbles was trying to sue Viacom for how she was portrayed in the movie and that it was false, well Viacom is saying that they did not portray her inaccurately in the film and that her legal action should be wiped away. How about that for you Pebbles. Guess that 40 million dollars that you can try and get from somewhere else.

The Starz drama "Power" is set to return for its second season according to Deadline. Coming this September the 10 episode second season will premiere and might be fiery as ever before. The cable drama is executive produced by Courtney Kemp Agboh alongside others including 50 Cent. “Power is a project extremely close to my heart and working with Chris Albrecht, Carmi Zlotnik and the Starz team has been the perfect fit for this. Viewers may be loving the start of Season 1 now, but Season 2 will blow them away," stated 50 Cent. We can only imagine what next season holds being that it will have the talented Omari Hardwick as its leading man.

Thank you Jesus! Reports given to Rhymes With Snitch state that Tracy Morgan is showing signs of improvement from the comedians New Jersey Turnpike accident on last week. Now being that this is extremely good news you would think that it would stay this way, no. So sources say that Kevin Roper, the Walmart truck driver that allegedly fell asleep and was the cause of that accident, is pleading not guilty to death by auto and assault by auto on Wednesday. Y'all know Twitter is something amazing and harmful all at once. According a a Twitter account that rumored to be Kevin Roper's it proclaimed his innocence by stating, "I was never charged at the scene of the accident because once again i was not guilty of any crime. Not until all the TV cameras came." Wow. Well, we can only see what the judge says. We are still continuing to pray for Tracy Morgan and the families of the deceased.

A judge has issued an arrest warrant for the former CSI actor Gary Dourdan after he didn't come to a progress hearing. Now, Gary got a plea deal back in 2012 following claims that he broke his ex-girlfriend's nose in a fight back in 2011. His behind was suppose to go to court earlier last week to tell a judge about his progress but was no where to be found. Where is your personal assistant honey? The judge was not pleased with that one because he issued an bench warrant for his arrest and revoked his probation. Looks like jail time for you Mr. Ex-Investigator. See you after your bid. Sorry.

And we thought Wendy Williams' stalker was bad, well nothing beats this crazy behind man. According to The Urban Daily Sanaa Lathan's stalker was found sleeping away in her laundry room. Yes honey, HER LAUNDRY ROOM! Now that is beyond creepy. The source says that the contactors found him in her laundry room and forced him to leave, but Shawn Caples was sure that he was married to Sanaa. What?! Is he serious? But guess what. it doesn't stop there. So after that he returned later that day and Sanaa Lathan had to shoot him a couple a words by telling him to leave the house and her alone. Well chile, with all of that nonesense that went on, Shawn Caples is finally locked up. Thank God! Upon his release he will be ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Sanaa Lathan. He needs a hobby.

Radio icon Casey Kasem passed away on Father's Day morning at the age of 82. Mr. Kasem, the original voice of the American Top 40 countdown, was suffering from Parkinson’s disease, sepsis and dementia. His daughter Kerri took him off life support Thursday after a judge gave her the OK, against the wishes of Mr. Kasem’s wife, Jean.

Bobby Brown’s Emotional Father’s Day It was a good Father’s Day for Bobby Brown. The singer got the opportunity to finally reunite with his daughter over the weekend since the passing of Whitney Houston. Bobbi Kristina shared the moment with Twitter and Instagram and posted pictures of her running to Bobby and hugging him with captions like “I got a running start. Love you daddy #familyfirst” and “:) my face says it all”. The two went out to dinner for Father’s Day and by the looks of it had a good day. I’m so happy that they are working on repairing their relationship despite everything they’ve been through! Family need to stick together! Tweets:

So cute! Ciara not only used Father’s Day as a time to thank the father of her son, Future, for being such a great dad but she also shared the first picture of baby Future! The singer gave birth to her son on May 19 and decided to share a picture of her son with the world over the weekend. Baby Future is adorable and in the picture is decked out in a fashionable outfit that I’m sure his dad approved of. How precious! Instagram Picture: 

The brain behind the Kardashian Empire is reportedly furious with her new son-in-law. According to New York Post’s Page Six, Kris Jenner is not pleased with Kim and Kanye because they decided not to sell their wedding photos. We all know Kris is all about her Benjamin’s and the newlyweds reportedly turned down offers as high as $11 million to publish their wedding photos! Apparently Kanye was the one who didn’t want to sell the pictures and instead decided to follow the footsteps of Jay Z and Beyonce, who own their own pictures. Either way, Kris is not happy and the main reason might be because she would have gotten a good chunk of the money. Looks like you can’t get your way this time, Kris!

I guess now we should watch what food we post on Instagram, huh?! Sunday was Father’s Day but it quickly turned into Clown Draya Day. The “Basketball Wives LA” reality star was the laughing stock of the day on Instagram when she posted a picture of the Father’s Day breakfast she made for her man. The plate had eggs, a few slices of bacon, and cinnamon rolls, but clearly that wasn’t enough for her followers. They quickly went in on Instagram and Twitter by calling the plate a struggle meal and that she cooked up leftovers. Draya ended up deleting the picture soon after the negative comments rolled in. Poor Draya, she was only trying to feed her man!

Why can’t people just be happy for Eve?! We’re all aware that the rapper got married over the weekend to founder of the Gumball 3000 motor rally, Maximillion Cooper. And instead of people being happy for the rapper, they want to make a big deal out of the union! Since Eve is from South Philly and is known for her impact on hip-hop during her time with Ruff Rydas, apparently it’s odd that she decided to marry someone white. Of course people took to Twitter to express just how weird they think it is. Just let the newlyweds live, people! Read some of the tweets below. Some Tweets:

Well, it looks like all the weed smoking isn’t in vein and has paid off for Wiz Khalifa! The rapper’s excessive smoking has landed him a deal with Raw Rolling Papers for a new line of smoking accessories. The line will include rolling papers, tips and trays that will be decorated with Wiz’s own signature packaging. Wiz says the coloration with Raw Rolling Papers felt right because he has been using their products for years, I’m sure he has! For those who can’t wait to use the rapper’s smoking accessories, the products will be available next week!

Jennifer Lopez is trying to keep up with the new generation, and in her new video clip teaser, she pulls out the latest "dance" trend! What are your thoughts, should someone over 40 be twerking?! Check the video out below!

Chile, Father’s Day was full of mending broken relationships and apparently revealing secret children! Over the weekend rapper The Game shocked everyone when he confessed that he has a secret child named Madison. Messy! The Game posted a picture on his Instagram with all of his children, including Madison. The caption doesn’t provide any information on who is the baby momma or why this is the first time we’ve heard of her but he made sure to put “Cali, Justice, Madison & Harlem... Daddy Loves You..... & that will NEVER CHANGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Well I guess if he’s taking care of the child it’s really none of our business!

The talk of a possible Aaliyah biopic has been rumored for the past couple of months and finally it seems like they’re ready to do it! Yesterday information about who is going to play the late singer was released and honey everyone is not happy! Singer-actress Zendaya is set to play the singer in the original Lifetime film. She is best known for her role in Disney Channel’s Shake It Up! and as a performer on Dancing With The Stars. People had a lot to say about her getting the role and a lot of the responses doubt the young stars ability. Let’s not write her off too quick. Hopefully she proves us all wrong!

Not only has Stevie J caused trouble for himself but apparently he pulled Mona-Scott Young into some trouble too! Mona has been accused of lying for Stevie and could be in trouble for bailing him out of jail after his arrest for not paying child support. According to, Project Child Support is accusing Mona of lying for Stevie even though she claimed in her subpoenaed response that she has never employed or contracted for the services of Stevie J. Back in April Mona and other organizations associated with the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star were subpoenaed by Project Child Support. Mona better get it together and quick! This could possibly be a felony child support evasion case that she doesn't want!

So now there is trouble with getting pics of Kim and Kanye? According to Rhymes With Snitch celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz said she was not going to do Kim and Kanye's wedding just one day before the couple's wedding. Wait what? You talking about someone was mad? Well Kanye and Kim were. Honey they spent their entire honeymoon editing wedding photos. Shame. So we are guessing that there will be no photos of Kimye's wedding in Vogue? Guess not, can't win them all.

Shade throwing Syleena now says Blue Ivy is adorable, still with messed up hair though. According to Madame Noire on the red carpet for "Think Like A Man Too" the singer/reality star stood by her comments she made about Blue's hair but stating that she was a big Beyonce fan. She stated, "Her hair was off the chain. But she is the cutest, most adorable baby…So I’m like, okay, they didn’t comb her hair today. But I’m just jokes. In real life, I’m a Beyoncé stan. I love Beyoncé. And her daughter is too cute." Don't try and clean up your shade by trying to be a part of the BeyHive. Well y'all remember Beyonce's fans took what Syleena said about Blue Ivy to heart; they went to Twitter and let her have it. Do you think Syleena was worried, not at all. She said, The people on Twitter? I can’t do the computer thugs..." Okay Syleena, just don't talk about Blue's hair.

Chile let your baby bump show. We don't care. Cassie apparently is trying to keep the figure and news as long as she about her baby bump. According to Rhymes With Snitch, Diddy's Cassie Ventura had people skeptical when she posted an Instagram photo in a bikini top looking all kinds of chubby and the top of her stomach looking a little full. Well natural celebrity fashion Cassie tried to hush the rumors by posting another picture with the same bathing suit on this time only showing her flat stomach. But, boo boo, you messed up because those big breast in the first one don't match those A cups in the next one. So Cassie, word of advice, when trying to hush rumors using pictures use photo shop or something to make it believable. Chile you pregnant.

Y'all don't think Zendaya Coleman is up to the challenge? Honey neither do I. Aaliyah fans are pissed since the news surfaced that the Disney star/recording artist Zendaya Coleman would be playing the legendary Aaliyah in the Lifetime biopic. Tis the season for biopic, nust be. Well fans took to Twitter and let Lifetime have it honey, saying that Zendaya looks nothing like Aaliyah and that there should be a bigger celebrity to play Aaliyah. I don't blame them. She is more than a Disney star. What?! I'm just saying. Chile, not only are fans mad about who was said to be playing Aaliyah but even Aaliyah's uncle is about to speaking out against the movie. Sources say that Aaliyah's uncle/mentor Barry Hankerson is stating that he does not want this biopic to go through nor does he give the permission to allow any of Aaliyah's music to be played on the movie. Damn y'all don't want this biopic to happen for real. 

Y'all know T.I. from the streets, don't talk about his wife. I am not sure who talks more trash K.Michelle or Azealia Banks. According to to Necole Bitchie Azealia Banks let loose on T.I., Tiny and her favorite Iggy Azalea. So Azealia has been mute for a little minute now but the song "No Mediocre" by Iggy feat. T.I. fired her right up. She tweeted out some harsh things about Tiny by saying that she was no where near what T.I. was rapping. Damn! She said Tiny is mediocre. T.I. went in on Instgram calling Azealia all types of names from "musty" to "unimportant." He even threaten to, "watch yo step." Of course Tiny had to have something to say by Instagram[ing] a picture with Rihanna that stated that Azealia needed to mind her business. In a sense, maybe she needs to. Stop being negative Azealia Banks.

So y'all not wanting to go and support Jay and Bey? According to Rhymes With Snitch the "On The Run" Tour ticket sales are starting to get a little low now. Damn y'all don't wanna see The Carter's? Well the tour starts on July 11th at MetLife Stadium and there are PLENTY of seats avaliable. Chile there are about 11,000 tickets left according to StubHub. So if you were wondering if you could order a ticket in time, you have plenty of it and can even get tickets for your whole family. Do better Jay and Bey.

Married to Medicine star Quad Webb is blaming the audience for the negativity and violence often seen on reality TV. “The viewers control the media. If you guys, the viewers, would celebrate when we are doing positive things and those ratings skyrocketed through the roof, then the producers would take heed to that and put a lot more of that out there.”

Yes honey, "The Baddest" had to show a fan how bad she really was on Instagram the other day. Chile you know Bossip has the juice. So apparently some crazy fan wanted to compare Trina to Khloe Kardashian, for what reason we don't know. I mean what does a grade A rapper like Trina have in common with a jumping from man-to-man Kardashian sister? Same thing I thought...NOTHING. Well honey, some fan felt the need to express that the two were alike and Trina felt the need to tell them off. Y'all Trina showed no remorse to the child. I mean come on Trina you didn't have to do em like that! When I tell you Trina went in, that's what I mean. Check out what "The Baddest" had to say here.

On the heels of Mariah Carey's record low sales, J. Lo's “A.K.A.” is expected to move only 25,000-30,000 units during first week. The official Nielsen SoundScan estimates count the sales week through Sunday, so those final numbers are typically released the Wednesday following the week's release.

Singer and producer, The Dream, is being accused of punching, kicking, and strangling his ex-girlfriend, Lydia Nam, when she was pregnant last year. But the singer is denying all allegations. His baby mama even took pictures of her injuries to prove her case even more but when TMZ caught up with the Atlanta artist; he hinted that the only reason why she was making these false allegations is to simply get paid. He said that people are always gunning for his money. Well, we hope The Dream is innocent and is smart enough not to lay hands on his baby mama. Check the video below!

It looks like Gabourey Sidibe will be making her way back on the big screen pretty soon. The Oscar nominated actress will be starring in a black ops spy comedy called “Grimsby”. The actress is best known for her part in “Precious” but I’m glad she’s still making moves. Go Gabby!

The Broadway musical “After Midnight” sadly comes to an end on June 29 after an 8 month run. The musical is a combination of song-and-dance numbers from the Cotton Club era of the 1920s and proved to be a huge success. Word on the street is that it’s ending due to financial losses but investors may be able to save it if a national tour of the show is created and is a success. “After Midnight” was nominated for seven 2014 Tony Awards and won the award for Best Choreography and guest stars in the show included Fantasia, Toni Braxton, Babyface, Vanessa Williams, Patti Labelle, and K.D. Lang. Hopefully they’ll be back in action soon! 

I thought we were all aware T.I. does not play when it comes to his family? Clearly Azealia Banks didn’t get that memo. While promoting his new album, T.I. made sure to clarify why he dragged Azealia all up and down his Instagram. For those of you who aren’t aware, Azealia Banks threw the ultimate shade at both T.I. and his wife when she tweeted “U want no medicore but…Have you seen your wife”. T.I. has a new song out called “No Mediorce” featuring Iggy Azalea. Well, T.I. did not take that shot lightly and made sure to explain on The Breakfast Club that he doesn’t play when it comes to any of his family, “Now listen man, I think one thing that I have always maintained is a no tolerance policy when it come to me and my families. I’m not finna tough wrestle with nobody. Me and whoever, we got an issue? When I see him I’ma address that issue. It ain’t gon’ go the way they want it to go. I believe she better back down off that plank ’cause it’s sharks out there.” When will Azealia learn?

It’s official that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are divorced. Who even knew it was still going on? The couple’s decision to split was announced almost three years ago and now everything is finalized. Jennifer will have primary custody of the couple’s 6-year-old twins and Anthony will get them for seven days out of each month. The parents want to make sure that they keep their children out of the spotlight. Luckily, there’s no child or spousal support that has to be paid. I’m sure they’re both happy about that!

I think Jackie just took attention seeking to the next level. Yesterday, the “Basketball Wives” reality star posted a topless picture of herself on Instagram and let it all hang out. She quickly deleted it but why was it uploaded in the first place? Is Jackie trying to give MiMi Faust a run for her money? Jackie, get it together.

Azealia Banks will never learn. After the rapper, who is becoming known for her endless beef, tweeted “U want no medicore but…Have you seen your wife”, T.I. fired back by posting a picture of her with a caption that said “U musty-mouthed-thot-bot-bad-body-syphilis-lipped-rectum-vomit-unimportant-ugggggly-monstrosity-of-a-maggot-a** B************!!!!!! If u speak ill of my family again….. I WILL END YOU!!!!!!! #OnPHIL #OnDOE #NoBuuulllsh** people fall down stairs daily…. U better watch yo step, u ugly-a** Gremlin-baby #nerveofdisCretin #f***outtahea”. Although T.I. went off on his Instagram, Azealia chose Twitter to let him have it. The rapper deleted a lot of her tweets but it consisted of her saying Tiny has meth face that she will sue him for threatening her. Azealia did leave one tweet up, claiming that the rapper will be back in jail soon. After the tweets and Instagram posts, T.I. made it clear that he does not play when it comes to his family. Well, apparently Azealia doesn’t play period.


DMX’s royalty checks will be taking a huge hit! According to TMZ, the rapper's ex-wife, Tashera Simmons, got court approval that she can now start using his wages for his monthly child support. According to documents, Simmons will be taking $15,000 per month out of her ex-husband’s checks from Universal Music Publishing. Damn!

Kim Kardashian’s former nanny is spilling it all in the latest issue of Life & Style. According to the nanny, Kim will only dress Nori in neutral colors and when she’s out in public her posse always has to remain behind her. Hm, that sounds like it could be true. The nanny also sparked some fire under the rumors that Kim Kardashian and Beyonce don’t like one another. Apparently the newlywed always brags about how much North is cuter than Blue Ivy. Well, I wouldn't expect her to think that Blue is cuter than her own daughter!

“The Shield” actor Michael Jace pleaded not guilty to a murder charge on Wednesday in the shooting death of his wife. Jace is known for his role as a LAPD officer on the television drama “The Shield” and was accused of shooting his wife at their home on May 19. The police arrested Jace after he called and told them that he shot his wife. His wife, April Jace, body was found inside of the house. Since the murder, Jace has been held in jail on $2 million bail and was ordered to stay away from the couple’s children if released on bail. The children were at home during the time of the shooting. Michael Jace will be back in court on August 1. He faces 50 years to life in state prison if convicted.

Talking about dark and sexy, honey our girl Lupita Nyong'o slayed the cover of Vogue. Move out the way Kim and Kanye because this issue of Vogue is all about the amazing actress Lupita. The gorgeous star snatched the cover of the legendary magazine and will be the magazine's July 2014 issue. From winning an Oscar to starring in the upcoming "Star Wars" movie, Lupita accomplishments are running wild. She is now the 9th Black woman that has had the ability to grace the cover of the fashion magazine and only the second African to do so. Get it Lupita! We see you honey! 

Well are you suing your ex-husband or a pack of cops? Sources say that Siovaughn Funches-Wade, ex-wife of Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade, is suing the NBA All-Star's team of lawyers and a lot of Chicaho-area cops for $50,000. Wait, what?! Honey she is accusing the cops of calling her and her friend out of their name back in 2012. Girl get it together. She specifically called out a former cop by the name of Timothy Balderman who she claimed was posting as the Cheif od the Chicago Ridge Police Department at the scene of 2012 child abduction and unlawful visitation arrest in 2012. Honey the chile is also crying about that the cops wrenched her arm suring the arrest and tore her cuff. If you don't sit down somewhere honey and relax and collect your child-support while leaving them cops alone. We all know you crazy. Chile bye you ain't getting no money.

We finally get an explanation for the Kim and Kanye collaboration. According to sources Kanye stated that the public had a problem with his relationship with Kim (because of her nationality) until the newlywed did the cover of Vogue. Okay Kanye, we might have been concerned about your relationship with Kim, but not because of what you thought. Kanye revealed that he believed that because of a big endorsement from something like Vogue made people be like "Okay, it's cool now." Specifically the rapper was referring to his controversial video "Bound 2" that had the critics jumoing for the scoop of Kim's topless body on Kanye on a motorcycle. Understandable Kanye, but you know something; it's not always about you. What?! You feel the same way.

Now y'all know when Ice Cube is behind something things get done. Sources say that the competition between "the Bourne Legacy" sequel and "Straight Outta Compton" have ceased and the biopic of the legendary N.W.A has won. Universal studios said the other day that they plan to hold off on "The Bourne Legacy" sequel to make room for "Straight Outta Compton." I'm actually excited to be seeing the movie; I wonder are they going to keep it true like it really was for hip hop and the hood back in that time. The biopic is being directed by F. Gary Gray and is set to be in theaters come August 2015.

Now y'all know that was not going to be the end of this drama, no where near the end. The "Princess of R&B's" family is now talking about the A&E project of Aaliyah's life and the Disney star Zendaya's casting. According to MTV the family of Aaliyah took to Twitter on their thoughts and feelings about both the movie and the casting of their loved one. Surprisingly the family is not talking negatively against the making of the movie nor the Zendaya by tweeting, "Fans we hear your comments and concerns !! unfortunately we cannot confirm the family is behind the project at this time." Now this seems a little odd because didn't just a little minute ago the family was retweeting some of the fans post that stated, "I am not that angry @Zendaya is playing @AaliyahHaughton I am angry that the movie is being made without the family's permission." How about pick a side family. Are you for it or against itl No reports have shown that the singer's family responded to the action nor position they will take on the biopic but once that is revealed we will have the tea for you, Stay tuned.

And there you have  it honey, Keyshia Cole pulls the plug. Sources say Keyshia Cole is thinking about filing for divorce 3 months after her and husband Daniel "Boobie" Gibson revealed they split. Now y'all remember the tea about Boobie coming out saying that he didn't cheat and all; I wonder is this an attempt to make her alleged story about Boobie cheating a reality to the public. Who knows honey. What we do know is that these divorce papers should be surfacing any time soon. Oh Keyshia, we sorry honey.

K. Michelle has had enough honey! According to sources the R&B rebel has decided that she is not going to do the Part 2 to her Rebellious Soul Tour because she is about to take a trip to South Africa to find herself. Good move K. Michelle. She state that, "I will be traveling to South Africa to spend some time preparing for my new album #AWBAH, and reflect on the woman that I've become." That is so good K. Michelle, I respect that honey. Go find yourself chile, maybe when you come back you will be such a better person.

Okay B. Scott, let's be smart about this; your behind better settle sweet honey. Well in any case TMZ reports that he is going up against BET that might cost him a bunch of K's! Y'all remember B. Scott, the transgender host who alledgedly was reported to wear a suit at the BET Awards last year, well he was suing BET for discrimination about the incident. Honey, lets just say that BET is a strong market and in order to take them down you gotta have the big guns, Chile BET hit B. Scott and he lost the case which made him have to pay attorney fees that equaled up ro $279,000. Long story short B. Scott didn't take a deal offered to him by BET and now is getting back into the ring with them and might be hit again with fees this time that may be over $150K. Damn, you better take that deal queen. Do better.

Well our girl Kelly Rowland is about to follow in the footsteps of Queen Bey! Kelly is about to go into the studio and start her fifth solo project and is even thinking about doing a visual part like Beyonce. According to E News the singer is thinking about expanding her brand, mind and artistic ways by conducting this visual album. She told E News, "Just getting in the studio, experimenting with new music, new writers, new producers, and just making sure I nail that..." That's what I'm talking about Kelly! Speaking of visual did y'all see Kelly's adorable baby bump on Instagram!? I think she is going to make a wonderful mother on top of her being an amazing


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