Tyrese and Tank both took to social media to apologize to Arsenio Hall for standing him up on Wednesday night (February 20th). TGT were supposed to appear on Arsenio's late night talk show. Tyrese tweeted, "TGT is not on the show tonight and it’s completely on someone in our camp who $#@% it up. It’s expected of A-Hall to publicly speak on it! I’ve been sick to my stomach all day cause it was ME who asked him to let us come back on for the fans! Arsenio Hall bro we feel like sh*t. It’s gonna take years to recover from this but I will earn your trust again cause I know you are committed to your viewers we will fix this." Tank also tweeted, 'To all the fans, viewers n workers of @ArsenioHall I send my personal public apology for this debacle! You deserve better from us!! We #TGT have no excuse for what happened and we will work for however long it takes to repair this! @ArsenioHall we r at ur mercy.. #love."

Jeffrey Hubbard,the man who crashed into Tameka Raymond's 11-year-old son Kile Glover in July 2012, has been found guilty. Hubbard was convicted on five counts, including homicide by vessel, reckless operation and unlawful operation of a personal watercraft. Kile died two weeks after the accident due to brain injuries.

Chris Brown is being sued by the man who claims that the singer verbally and physically assaulted him outside of the W hotel in D.C. last October. Parker Adams is suing CB for $3 million and claims that Breezy beat him up, broke his nose and said "I ain't down with that gay $#@%."The reported victim is suing both Breezy and his bodyguard. He is also seeking $1 million from each of them for his injuries, as well as $500,000 for punitive damages.

Peter Thomas, Cynthia Bailey’s husband seen frequently on Bravo’s hit show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” is being accused of not paying all his bills at his Atlanta bar Bar One.His landlord, Eloshua Elliott and Showtime Cafe, filed a complaint in Fulton County superior court saying Thomas owes more than $100,000. The charges: “defendant breached a lease agreement by failing to pay rent and other fees including late fees, bank charges, real estate property taxes and unpaid utilities.” A separate suit was also filed for $29,000 in back rent on Cynthia Bailey's Bailey Agency property.

Earlier this week Cee Lo Green shocked fans by announcing on the Ellen DeGeneres show that he was leaving The Voice to focus on his music career.Sources claim Cee Lo actually quit because he was about to get fired. The general belief among the production was that he was feeling the weight of a legal case that could result in prison time.Cee Lo is currently fighting accusastions of drugging his date and having sex without her consent.

After 12 years at Interscope, 50 Cent has left the building. 50 announced Thursday that he is leaving the label and Eminem and Dr. Dre's Shady/Aftermath imprint. According to Rap-Up, 50 and his G-Unit label have signed a worldwide distribution and services agreement with Caroline, the independent label at Capitol Music Group, which is owned by Universal Music Group.Under his new deal, 50 will release his album Animal Ambition, which is due out on June 3rd.The album will be available for pre-order on March 18th and two videos will premiere online.

Big Boi doesn't want to pay his wife a crazy amount of child support per month and thinks she should get a job to support herself. As previously reported, Big Boi's wife Sherlita Patton filed for divorce last year, demanding full custody of their 12-year-old son they also have an 18-year-old child. According to TMZ, in a response, Big Boi asks for joint physical and legal custody. As far as child support, he says that he is willing to pay whatever the State of Georgia deems appropriate, but he feels that Sherlita is healthy, young and educated so she can support herself.

Ludacris has claimed that he can't afford to pay his baby mama Tamika Fuller $15,000 a month in child support for their two-month-old daughter Cai. According to TMZ, Ludacris told the judge that he was counting on getting a paycheck from The Fast and Furious 7 in order to make the payments, but the film has been put on hold due to Paul Walker's death. Luda claims that as a result, he can only afford to pay $1,800 and claimed that he only made $55,000 last year.The judge ordered Luda to pay $7,000 for now.

Rihanna has revealed that her accessories are inexpensive and actually quite attainable.Rihanna shared with Vogue magazine that she gets her pieces from Claire's jewelry store. She explained, "My jewelry’s all fake from Claire's. Or I get it from my mom's boutique in Barbados. Her shop is called FAB-U-LUS.

T-Pain thinks that having threesomes with your significant other will help to keep the relationship going. In an interview with VLAD TV, T-Pain, who has been married to his wife Amber for eleven years, admitted that they have engaged in threesomes.T-Pain said that women should engage in threesomes, because men are going to cheat anyway.

NeNe Leakes has apologized for her behavior on Sunday night's (February 17th) Real Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe showed up to Kenya's charity gala that was supposed to be in NeNe's honor. NeNe was upset that Kenya was throwing a gala in her honor, but didn't call her to invite her to it. Kenya claimed that she did send NeNe an evite , but NeNe never got it. In her Bravo TV blog, NeNe wrote, "I don't have a lot I want to say, but I'll start by saying I apologize for my behavior at the charity event. Here are the facts. I never received a call, a text, or an email from Kenya. What I did learn the night before the charity event is that Kenya had used a PR Firm to send e-vites to everyone, which is why I didn't see it. Fact! She wanted you to believe she sent me an email and she did not. FACT! If she really had pure, good intentions, she could have picked up the phone, called me, and said, 'Hey let's put our differences aside for a night of charity!'"

Kenya took to her Bravo Blog with her side of the story, saying that she only wanted to do something kind for NeNe and for charity as an olive branch. Kenya say that her team did send out the invites, and her team tracked the invites and saw that NeNe did receive it and read it, but she chose not to respond. Kenya said that instead of calling Kenya with questions, she called the charity to confirm their support. She then wrote, "Initially, I wanted to surprise her with my decision to make her the guest of honor, which is why I didn’t personally call her. However, as rumblings went on about her not getting a call from me, I immediately called her and received no response resulting in me texting her. To my dismay, she furiously responded in a nasty, disrespectful manner. Again, all knowledge of the event took place prior to the event. Once NeNe did learn, she made her own choice how to conduct herself."

Cynthia Baily spoke out to deny new reports that her husband, Peter Thomas, was involved in Apollo’s alleged scam.“I can’t speak on Apollo, but I can say that Peter Thomas doesn’t have anything to do with a bank fraud scandal to my knowledge,” Bailey told Jet magazine. “The feds are not sitting outside of our house. That is just not accurate information …”

Peter has long claimed to have no idea what Apollo had been up to, telling Sister 2 Sister shortly after news of Apollo’s arrest broke, “I don’t know nothing about it. I have absolutely no comment on his arrest.I just have to wait, like everyone else, to see how it plays out. I hope that everything will play out in the best form.”

Apollo has been granted his request to delay his trial until next month, which will allow him "time necessary to discuss a resolution of the allegations," specifically the decision of whether or not he will accept a plea deal or go to trial.

After Kenya was accused of lying about donating the proceeds Kenya produces her receipts.Kenya also releases text messages between herself on the organization proving they knew all about the benefit as well as the canceled checks.

Allen Iverson’s finances just took another hit. RadarOnline is reporting that the former NBA star recently lost a legal battle with his former attorneys after he refused to pay them during his nasty divorce and was ordered to cough up $65,000.

According to reports, the model and fashion designer recently jumped the broom with investment banker Tim Leissner. Ex-hubby Russell Simmons revealed the news on Twitter yesterday, following rumors that the mother of his two kids was in an alleged relationship with Cash Money Records CEO Birdman.

Kelis will star on Saucy and Sweet on The Cooking Channel. The show will premiere on February 26th at 8:30pm. Kelis, who is a chef, will show off her cooking skills on the show.

Lamar Odom has agreed to a short-term deal with Spanish basketball club Baskonia.The former Los Angeles Lakers forward has a two-month contract.Odom, an NBA free agent who hasn’t played since finishing out last season with the Los Angeles Clippers, is filling a roster spot that opened up because of injury. Baskonia said the deal includes an option to extend the contract until the close of the season.

Congrats may be in order for Pusha T. The rapper's longtime girlfriend Ginny posted a photo of them boo'd up with a diamond ring on her ring finger.

In a recent radio interview, Lil Kim's boyfriend Mr. Papers has hinted that they are having a baby boy. When asked about the baby's due date, he said, “He gon’ be a gemini though, know what I mean? But I don’t want to give you all that information, you know? But he gon’ be a gemini.” This will be the first child for Kim and the second for Papers.

Brian McKnight has sued his accountant,claiming that he ruined his life by not paying any of his taxes for close to a decade and leaving him owing more than $1 million in back taxes and over $500,000 in penalties and interest. As a result, Brian has claimed that his credit is bad, his home is in lien and his music royalties are frozen. He also claimed that his drivers license has been suspended for failing to pay back taxes. LeBron James and his wife,

Savannah Brinson are allegedly expecting their third child. A stripper took to

Meek Mill's Instagram page to claim that she is pregnant and Meek is the daddy.

R. Kelly could be facing jail time for missing child support payments.Kelly owes $21,000 to his ex-wife Andrea Kelly.Last year he owed more than $100,000 in taxes.Next court date is March 27 and if he doesn't show up, he could face jail time since he missed a hearing in Novemeber. Timbaland and his wife Monique Idlett have put their divorce on hold. Monique filed docs in Miami court on January 21st, asking for her divorce case to be put on hold. Monique said that she and Timbo have started marriage counseling and they plan to continue when he is done touring, which is this month.

Rihanna has reportedly been offered a settlement of over $10 million in her legal battle against her former accountants. Rihanna had taken action against Peter Gounis and his firm Berdon LLP, claiming their shady financial advice caused her to lose a reported $9 million in 2009, though though she was initially suing for $35 million. The New York Post claims the firm offered her a settlement and the paperwork to end the case will be signed later this week.

Love & Hip-Hop star Yandy Smith has denied reports that her fiance Mendeecees Harris was released from jail. Yandy posted an old photo of her with Mendeecees and people took it as he was home. Yandy wrote, "Now that I have a free second…if it doesn’t come from me. It’s probably not true. You know they love to speculate and exaggerate. @2thejew you got Instagram in a frenzy over that old pic! Preme…y’all go hard! He sends his love #rorolife #freethatman #nowbacktoworkIgo#filmlife #2daysinharlem."

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks' spinoff show Rich People's Problems being put on hold due to her husband Apollo Nida's legal problem? As previously reported, Apollo was arrested for bank fraud and identity theft. According to The UK Mail, a source said that depending on what happens to Appollo the show could be placed on hold. The source explained, “All options are being looked at."

Ravens running back and Rutgers product Ray Rice and his fiancee were both arrested after getting into an altercation at an Atlantic City Casino early Saturday morning, police said.The incident occurred at the Revel Casino and was caught on surveillance footage, according to Atlantic City police. Both Rice, 27, and his fiancee, Janay Palmer, 26, were charged with domestic violence-simple assault and released with a summons.

More deets have been revealed on why Diddy’s ex Misa Hylton-Brim’s New York home has been foreclosed on. As previously reported, Diddy and Misa took out a $713,000 mortgage on a house for her and their son Justin, but the bank has claimed that they stopped receiving payments in 2010 and her home is going to be foreclosed.TMZ has obtained legal docs that say that Diddy was the one who got the mortgage for her ,but there was an agreement between Misa and Diddy that states that she is responsible for paying the mortgage. In the agreement, Diddy claimed that if he had to pay to keep up the payments, she would be responsible for paying him back. He paid $28,000 to cover her, and had to sue her to get his money back.

Rosie Perez reveals in her new tell-all memoir, Handbook for an Unpredictable Life, that she and Jennifer Lopez had some nasty interactions during their days on the sketch comedy show In Living Color. The 49-year-old takes credit for getting Lopez on the show as a fly girl but adds, "All of the girls were coming into my office complaining how she was manipulating wardrobe, makeup, and me, all to her advantage." Rosie's book will be released on February 25th.

Chris Brown and his attorney say he's the victim of a shakedown from a man that alleges the singer and his friends beat him up during a pick up basketball game at a 24-Hour fitness center in North Hollywood last July. Malcolm Ausbon, who suffered fractured ribs and cuts to his face, filed a lawsuit against the singer then sent a letter to his attorney, Mark Geragos, demanding $250,000 or else. Bethenny Frankel's syndicated daytime talk show,

Bethenny, has been canceled, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.The decision means there won't be a second season for the Ellen DeGeneres executive-produced program. Production of the show will continue until the end of this season.

Tyson's Beckford's nephew,Dominic Whilby,has reportedly been charged with vehicular manslaughter after allegedly stealing a truck and crashing into an NYC bus killing the bus driver.According to the Daily News, Instagram photos showed Dominic Whilby partying with his uncle at a birthday party for supermodel Shanina Shaik hours before the accident. After reportedly struggling to get home after the party, Whilby allegedly stole a truck from a garage.

When a fan tweeted to Towanda, “And she can’t help it that her husband is a multimillionaire and yours is a bum! #bvf @towandabraxton #jealous." Towanda fired back, “@mslady57 check the web boo! He also owes 3.3 million to the irs…guess I’m jealous of that too huh?” Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Kordell said that he isn't dating Towanda. He said,“Towanda Braxton is a nice lady. I had the opportunity to meet her and no, we’re not dating.”

Omarion and his girlfriend Apryl Jones are expecting their first child together. The singer posted a video of the ultrasound on Instagram, along with the caption, “Say hi :) #comingsoon #thelegacybegins @aprylsjones is my heart, what a great gift! #ecstatic." He added, “I really appreciate all this love! At some point in time in your life you will create something that is a direct reflection U I’am so happy!” Apryl is expecting a boy.

It’s not looking pretty for Former New Orleans Saints star Darren Sharper! Darren was officially charged with two counts of rape after two women say that they were drugged and assaulted in his hotel room last year, and he is suspected of a total of 7 rapes in four cities, including New Orleans, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Phoenix.

Vanessa Simmons and boyfriend Mike Wayans welcomed their first child together. Vanessa gave birth to Ava Marie Jean Wayans on Valentine's Day. Congrats!

Alexsandra Wright, the mother of Mathew Knowles' son Nixon, is relying on public assistance to survive. Wright has claimed that she hasn't gotten any child support from Mathew and he now owes $32, 135.90. She is now on public assistance and gets a $300 EBT card per month to buy food. Sources say that Wright went to court to try to get more money, but the judge hasn't made a decision as of yet. Knowles has denied that he is a deadbeat dad, and said that it's a clerical error.

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