BAD TEEF Bad teeth, gold teeth, dirty teeth, if you can’t imagine kissing them, it’s a no go.

NO JOB There’s in between jobs and there’s chronically out of work. For a lot of women, “can I borrow 20 dollars” is the least sexy sentence in the English language.

KIDS That goes double if those little rugrats don’t have any home training.

DRAGON BREATH Hot and spicy breath is not a good look.

UGLY FEET Should you schedule your next date at the nail salon or let a pedicure-challenged brother go?

AN OH-DEAR Body odor is never a green light. What we can’t understand is why you would go on a date with body odor in the first place. If you can’t catch a shower, it’s time to reschedule.

DIRTY FINGERNAILS A lot of women say a man with dirty hands is definitely a no-go. Is it a sign that he doesn’t keep other things clean either?

BABY MAMA DRAMA Two people in a relationship is enough drama. Add the other women in his life and it can end a relationship before it starts. 

TACO MEAT Something about a thick carpet of chest hair is a turn off for a lot of ladies. Does anyone find it a turn on? 


Ladies, do you agree or disagree?