A Hobby Lobby store in Illinois is facing a discrimination complaint after a ‘transgender’ employee was told that he may not use the women’s restroom until he has reconstructive surgery to switch from male to female reproductive organs. The employee, who goes by the name Meggan Sommerville, also professes to be a Christian. He has worked for Hobby Lobby since 1998, at which time he identified as male.However, in 2009, Sommerville began transitioning to look like a woman and changed his name. According to Sommerville, Hobby Lobby accommodated him by changing his gender in the company records and providing a name tag with his new name. He also states that company insurance covered part of his treatment, such as hormone therapy. But Hobby Lobby drew the line when Sommerville began using the women’s restroom. Representatives at the Aurora location reportedly told Sommerville that he must use the men’s restroom until he has reconstructive surgery to obtain female genitalia.

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