A pregnant woman claims she was told to cover up or leave a South Carolina Planet Fitness last week said she's not comfortable working out in public anymore -- at least not for the remainder of her pregnancy. The incident that took place at a West Ashley, S.C. gym has made headlines, but Melissa Mantor said she's just looking for a sincere apology, "not only to me, but to anyone who has become a victim of your discriminatory policy," as stated in a letter to Planet Fitness sent today and obtained by ABC News. According to Mantor, she was working out at the gym in a tank top she'd worn many times before -- in fact, the one she wore on the day she joined Planet Fitness.Mantor said she was approached by a staff member who said she was in violation of the gym's dress code -- a code, Mantor said, she was never aware of. The staff member told Mantor her "belly was hanging out," a fact which Mantor conceded.She was about 19 weeks pregnant at the time.