Problems At the Philly Airport - The nose gear of a plane trying to take off at Philadelphia International Airport collapsed yesterday, leading the crew to send emergency slides to evacuate the passengers. The US Airways Flight headed to Fort Lauderdale was forced to abort takeoff soon after 6 p.m. when a tire on the front landing gear blew out. Just two of the 149 passengers requested medical attention, and thankfully no serious injuries were reported. All the passengers were rescheduled on later flights.




Lil Boosie Addresses His Daughters IG Video - When Lil Boosie was released from jail his young daughter shared her excitement with the world via an Instagram video. People were shocked to hear certain choice words. During the video she repeatedly said "I told ya'll n***as" that her dad was coming home. Boosie has responded to the viral clip saying "I was too happy to fuss. You know, after that I told her I didn’t want her saying the word. But, she was one of those that went through ‘your daddy ain’t coming home’, ‘yo daddy this’ in schools and such. So, I think it was just..when I called her and told her I was coming home, I think it was all the stuff she went through was coming out. I didn’t know she had it in her. [Laughs]"




The Difference Between Men And Woman - Ever wonder why men hate going to the mall with their girlfriends? Well now there's a study to tell us why. New research suggests that men get bored at the mall after a mere 26 minutes while it takes the average woman more than 2 hours to reach boredom levels. The studiers say that this is because men usually have an idea of what they want when they go shopping while women are more open-minded. One of the researchers tied it back to our primitive past saying "These behaviors are linked to our past as hunter-gatherers. Women's browsing shopping style is a form of gathering, while men's more 'mono-focused' style fits the pattern [of] hunting." 




Death Toll Rises On NYC Explosion - The death toll from Wednesday's gas explosion in upper Manhattan has risen to eight, as rescue workers continue to look for potential survivors and victims in the rubble of two collapsed five-story buildings, using sound devices to listen for voices and telescopic cameras to look into small spaces. At least five people are still unaccounted for.




Lil Wayne Retiring - Lil Wayne has announced that after his upcoming album 'The Carter V' drops, he's done with the rap game. He said, "I personally plan on this being my final solo album, yes and it’s definitely the final Carter album. It’s stopping at five...It seems like it will be impossible for me to work this hard again for anything else." But don’t worry Weezy fans he said that he may do another album if there are enough zeros on the paycheck, "25 to 35 million would get me to do another solo album after this...I didn’t smile when I said it" he said. The Carter V drops in May and you'll also here him on the Young Money compilation album "Rise of an Empire". 






Judge Rules Against Teen Suing Parents - After suing her parents for allegedly kicking her out of the house and getting denied a monetary settlement by a judge, Rachel Canning, has returned home to the same parents that she took to court. According to her parents' attorney she " Her return home is not contingent on any financial and/or other considerations." While the lawsuit has not been legally dropped the legal representation says that the situation has been "resolved" and that it's "done". Her parents are said to have welcomed her back into their home. 






New Dating App - A new dating app called Glimpse is helping people find love with the help of their Instagram profile. The app shows the user's name, age, profile picture and nine IG photos they choose. Those interested just login to the app through IG request an invite code, create a profile, choose their pics and begin their quest for love. If two users "smile" at each other they are able to chat through the app. A co-founder for the app says that using the IG photos helps to give matches something to talk about. 






Laws Loosen On Pitbulls - For years pit bulls have been stigmatized as America's "most dangerous" dog. But thanks to animal rights activists and images that cast the dogs in a more positive light- the attitude towards the breed has started to change. A lot of states, 17 to be exact, have started passing laws that make it illegal for communities to ban certain breeds of dogs. A representative for the American Kennel Club said, "Lawmakers are realizing that targeting dogs based on their breed or what they look like is not a solution to dealing with dangerous dogs." 






Pornostagram Is IG For The Naked - Just in case there weren't enough digital outlets for those looking to share their nude flicks with the world- pornostagram has been created. Pornostagram is an app that allows people to share their nude selfies with their followers. The French creator Quentin Lechemia said that he liked the idea of Instagram but the strict policy against nudes left a market untapped. He wanted a place where adults could share their "sexy" photos. Lechemia said, "At the beginning, it came from personal experience with my girlfriend...We used to send sexy texts and pics to each other and I noticed that in a way or another, no matter your age or gender, you're always a bit ashamed to do so. And I thought maybe by allowing people to apply filters to those pictures it could make the shame disappear and then I enlarged this reflection to social networks...The social networks are a mirror of what we do on a daily basis and sex is everywhere. 30 percent of the searches on the Internet are related to sex and we should be able to share our sex pictures as well, as we should a picture of a pizza." Not sure how synonymous poom pooms and Johnsons are with pizza but Lechemia said "It's not the porn industry. It's just normal people who want to share about sex. That's it." 




Jamie Foxx And Kevin Hart Teaming Up For Black Phantom - Kevin Hart has been on a roll and it looks like Jaime Foxx is joining him for the ride. Continuing on their $130 million success from 'Ride Along' Kevin Hart and director Tim Storey are teaming up for another film along with Foxx called 'Black Phantom". The movie will tell the story of "a double-crossed mob hitman who enlists the help of the Black Phantom, the same African-American hitman who had been sent to kill him." In addition to "Black Phantom" Hart has several other movies in the works including "Ride Along 2", "Think Like A Man Too", "Ballers" with Lebron James, "Get Hard" with Will Ferrell and a couple of other unnamed projects. 




Federal Grand Jury Subpoenas Schoolmates In Kendrick Johnsons Death - According to sources the federal grand jury has subpoenaed the former classmates and parents of Kendrick Johnson- the teenager who was found dead in a gym mat at a Georgia school last year. The investigation began about four months ago when Johnson's parents revealed that the case was mishandled by authorities and that they believed the initial investigation was a coverup. Yesterday the US Attorney Marshall said, "We're working methodically, and sometimes we remember we're running a marathon instead of a sprint. So, we're working on it. It's better to get it right than to get it fast. I'm satisfied that the FBI is moving forward at the appropriate speed, and they're doing a fine job."