Monday night, “Atlanta Exes” premiered on VH1 and it starred Kevin Hart's ex-wife Torrei Hart. Kevin Hart proposed to his girlfriend of five years, Eniko Parrish on the samwe night while poor Torrei was crying her heat out over Kevin. Well, Torrei says she was prepared for the shade.

 What was your immediate reaction to hearing the news of your ex-husband’s engagement? I wasn’t shocked at all. The thing about me is I come from a line of strong women. I’m a very spiritual woman, I’m very in tune with God and the universe. I wasn’t shocked, I was prepared for this for a very long time. Prepared, like did Kevin give you a heads up before he posted? No. He wouldn’t do that. No, I didn’t get a heads up. So would you say you’re unbothered? It is and will always be about respect, and how he did things, but I don’t want to beat a dead horse. I knew this was going to happen anyway, so it wasn’t a shock. We can all move on.

Credit: Getty