Why did this lame had to talk out of everyone? According to reports Stevie J called into Hot 97's "Ebro In The Morning" and talked about the fighting at the LHHATL Reunion. He mentioned that Benzino was getting in the mix of the females that were fighting, specifically Althea and Joseline. He even said that Benzino threw a punch at Joseline and hit her in the face. He said that despite what happened, the taping of the show was an actual success and that we will be able to see the reunion and ,all the thnings that happened in it. Ebro asked Stevie about his friendship with Benzino and where that was now. Stevie commented by saying that he thought the two of them were friends, but things changed when Benzino put his hands on his lady. Shame. None of y'all should be fighting and potentially ruining your spot on the show because that is all of y'all jobs. And you broke individuals can't afford to lose your job! I'm just saying.

Photo Credit - VH1 Screenshot