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Lil Kim Release Flawless Remix 

If you thought the beef between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim was over…you may have been wrong. Just a few days after Bey and Nicki dropped their remix to ‘Flawless’, Lil Kim has hopped on the track with her own version. Looks like Kim didn’t take too kindly to Nicki calling herself the “Queen of Rap.” As soon as that line dropped, Kim stopped the track and spit

New York Patient Being Tested For Ebola 

A New York City man who visited West Africa is hospitalized at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan and has been tested for Ebola. The patient went in to be treated for a high fever and gastrointestinal symptoms. He was placed in isolation for observation. The chief medical officer said that it’s likely he doesn’t have ebola. Ebola has killed nearly 900 people throughout Africa, sickening more than 1600 more. 3 people have been tested in the United States- all of them have tested negative. 

Man Gets Finger Bitten Off At Jay Z & Beyonce Concert 

A man went to a Beyonce concert to get ‘Crazy In Love’ with emphasis on the ‘crazy’. 25 year old Roberto Alcaraz Garnica got a little too touchy feely with a fellow female concertgoer. The woman’s boyfriend confronted Garnica and the two started fighting. During the fight, Garnica bit off the tip of the index finger of the boyfriend. The man was taken to an area hospital and treated for his injuries. Garnica was arrested and has been charged with sexual battery and mayhem. 10 other people were also arrested throughout the same show on different charges. 

Busta Rhymes In Swagger Wagon Commercial 

Toyota is joining the list of companies using hip hop to market their products. It’s most recent commercial is a trap-themed rap video for its Sienna “Swaggor Wagon” featuring a white suburban family and Busta Rhymes.The video is complete with krumping and “twerking.” Watch it below.


The visual is getting a lot of negative criticism with opponents saying it mocks hip hop culture and promotes black stereotypes. A lot of people are questioning why Busta would get involved with this, but hey that check might have been pretty big. 

Jay Z's Mom Opens Restaurant In New Jersey

Jay Z’s mom, Gloria Carter, has opened a new eatery in Newark, New Jersey. Diamondz N Da Ruff had its ribbon cutting ceremony on July 26th and none other than Jay Z and Beyonce were in attendance for the celebration. Other attendees said that the Carter couple looked happy- contrary to the media’s never ending claim of a rocky relationship on the bridge of divorce. The ceremony was a small champagne toast and the media was not invited. 

This Year’s Top 20 Party Schools 

1.  Syracuse University

2.  University of Iowa

3.  University of California at Santa Barbara

4.  West Virginia University

5.  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

6.  Lehigh University

7.  Pennsylvania State University at University Park

8.  University of Wisconsin at Madison

9.  Bucknell University

10.               University of Florida

11.               Miami University

12.               Florida State University

13.               Ohio University at Athens

14.               DePauw University

15.               University of Georgia

16.               University of Mississippi

17.               Tulane University

18.               University of Vermont

19.               University of Oregon

20.               University of Delaware 

A Gun Ruins A Womans Life 

Shaneen Allen was robbed last year on South Street. The fear from the incident led her to buy a handgun. She obtained a license and took classes to learn about her new .380 Bersa Thunder. She said, “I was actually scared to buy the firearm, because I didn't know anything about guns.” Despite all of her precautions, Allen made one mistake- taking the gun into New Jersey. She was in Jersey getting ready for her daughter’s birthday party when she was pulled over by an officer for an “unsafe lane change”. While looking through her bag for her license and registration she said, “"I said, 'I just want to let you know that I have my license to carry and I have my firearm on me’…"He was like, 'What?' He didn't believe what I was saying.” NJ has some of the strictest gun laws and doesn’t recognize permits from any other state. Allen could be facing 3-5 years in prison for unlawful possession of a firearm and due to miscommunication with her public defender, missed a court date and has already spent 46 days behind bars. After sharing her story through the media, Allen has received wide spread financial and support from those who sympathize with her situation. She will appear at an Atlantic County court hearing today. 

Toys 'R' Us Baby Doll Stirs Up Controversy 

Toys 'R' Us is in hot water this week after parents and children got a little surprise when they opened up a new children's toy recently. The "You & Me Mommy Change My Diaper Baby Doll" has been on the shelves for years is now causing a stir because there is a penis in the baby's diaper. The doll runs on batteries to wet the diaper, and the baby cry when it's time for a changing. The male dolls have the liquid coming from his fake penis. Parents are complaining on facebook saying its inappropriate and unnecessary. Some parents feel that there should have been a warning on the package, notifying them of the included extremity.