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Happy birthday to Sage The Gemini, Tika Sumpter, Lionel Richie
Truck In Tracy Morgan Crash Speeding
The National Transportation Safety Board released a preliminary report yesterday on the New Jersey Turnpike crash that gave Tracy Morgan broken ribs, a broken nose and a broken leg and also killed his comedian friend. The report said the 2011 Peterbilt truck owned and operated by Walmart was speeding at 65 mph for the 60 seconds before the crash. Kevin Roper the driver of that truck and he allegedly ignored a sign a mile earlier warning that lanes were closed ahead for construction and another sign a half-mile later reducing the speed limit from 55 mph to 45 mph. The 2012 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter limo carrying Morgan and five other passengers had slowed down because of congestion caused by the center and right lanes being shut down to allow contractors to work. They were working on  on a large overhead sign nearly 3 miles down the road. He made deliveries to Walmart stores in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania before the wreck. Federal rules limit interstate commercial drivers to 14-hour shifts . His total driving time that day was 9 hours, 37 minutes, which is below federal limits.
Six Flags Opens Record-Breaking New Roller Coaster
Six Flags Great America officially opened Goliath, a triple record-breaking coaster. It’s the fastest, tallest, and steepest ride in the world and you can expect it to plunge down 180 feet while traveling at 72 miles per hour at a near vertical 85 degree angle. Too bad it’s in the Six Flags In Illinois.
Chelsea Signs With Netflix
Netflix confirmed yesterday it has signed comedian Handler to a seven-year deal that starts this fall with multiple comedy specials and launches her new talk show in 2016. Chelsea was with E! for 8 Seasons. So let’s hope she is as blessed with Netflix. She will tape her first comedy special for Netflix tonight in Chicago, as part of her current "Uganda Be Kidding Me" tour.

Kendrick Lamar Wants To Score Films In The Future
While Kendrick Lamar is hard at work on his follow up to GKMC, he is also keeping his future plans in close sight. During a recent interview he revealed that he would one day like to try his hand at scoring films. He said, “I’m really big on visual concepts and the music behind it and the dramatic feel behind it and piecing things together…And I think that comes from music. Now in my brain I would like to challenge myself and take it to another level one day.” He also talked about his new album, his recent travels to Australia and Spain,  his favorite international food and what he does in his down time.
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The Sixers Are Seeking A New Mascot
The Sixers haven’t had a mascot since Hip Hop retired in 2011 and now they are on the search for a new one. According to their site they are looking for someone who is able to dance, has good interpersonal skills, has good spontaneous crowd interaction and a great personality (along with a list of regular job requirements like a GED and applicable job experiences.) No word yet on what the mascot animal will be but if interested, you can apply here-http://nbateamjobs.teamworkonline.com/teamwork/r.cfm?i=68648&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter.
4 Year Old Louisiana Girl Becomes Viral Sensation 
Lil Terio move over! There’s a new viral sensation out here and she’s coming for your crown. The girls name is Cece and she is 4 years old. She’s from Lousiana.  She’s been making instagram videos making fun of every celebrity from Nicki Minaj to Kevin Hart.  Kevin even reposted her video. I just seen a picture of her with Meek, French Monatana and Lil Terio. She currently has 511,000 followers. Check some of her videos below.

Lil Wayne Releasing 7 Albums
Weezy had announced that The Carter V would be his last album but looks like that is not the case. During a recent webisode he revealed that in addition to The Carter V he will be releasing another album this year, “This year, not only will I be dropping Tha Carter V, but I'm dropping two albums…Be looking forward to two albums, two albums from me because … I been out the game for a second.” He continued, “So it's like either Carter V gonna be 93 songs, or we're gonna have to figure this out…So what we said was, 'Alright, we're going to drop two albums this year, then we're going to probably end up dropping, like, seven next year.” Plenty of Weezy on the way.
In Florida Ex Porn Star Runs For School Board
David Mech also known as Dave Pounder, is hanging up his porn hat and running for the school board in Florida. The Boca Raton Native is making a run for the Palm County Beach School Board. His extensive porn past includes starring in a number of instructional videos titled. Big Sausage Pizza 2, Filthy’s Teenage Delinquents and Entering the Student Body. While he acknowledges his past he says that it is completely unrelated to his campaign platform for the District 3 seat. He said, “It’s completely irrelevant…It’s perfectly legal to produce adult films, and it’s perfectly legal to perform in adult movies. His 5 point plan includes better sex education, improved technology, innovation and secular values.
American Apparel CEO Fired


Dov Charney, American Apparel’s eclectic CEO, has been fired from the company as of Wednesday. Apparently an ongoing investigation into “alleged misconduct” led to his release from the company. Charney has been under investigation before but has always managed to get himself out of trouble but this time “new information came to light” and that was the last straw. His behavioral problems included his conduct with women and poor judgment calls. A rep for the company said, “This is not easy, but we felt the need to do what we did for the sake of the company…Our decision to do what we did was not the result of any problems with the company’s operations.” Critics question why the company didn’t act sooner and one board member said, “a board can’t make decisions on the basis of rumors and stories in newspapers.” Sources close to Charney say that he was caught off guard by the termination and that he will “fight like hell” to get his company back.