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Roc Nation Sports Signs Another Athlete - Football season may be over but that doesn't mean that there aren't major deals on the table. Yesterday Jay Z's management company, Roc Nation Sports, announced that it had signed a deal with New York Giants' wide receiver Hakeem Nicks. The current free agent tweeted about his new partnership saying, "I'm proud to become a part of the #RocNationSports family!" Nicks joins other ballers like Skylar Diggins and Kevin Durant under the Roc management. BTW the way have you seen Skylar in the Sports Illustrated Suitsuit edition. She looks good.



 Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated


Prosecutors To Retry Michael Dunn - Prosecutors in the Michael Dunn case are not through with him yet. According to reports, they plan to retry Dunn on the first degree murder charges that were deemed a "mistrial" in the first hearing. Juror number 4 clarified that the jury could not come to a consensus on whether Dunn was justified in his actions because of claims of "self defense." When the assistant state attorney, John Guy, was asked if Dunn got away with murder he replied, "Not yet." The retrial is scheduled to take place in May. 




10 Year Old Steals Car - A 10 year old boy in Norway wanted to see his grandparents so bad that he stole a car. While his parents were sleeping the little guy took their car and his 18 month old sister and tried to drive them to their grandparent's house which is more than 68 miles from where they live. He got about 6 miles away before the veered off the road and was approached by a snow plower. When questioned he told the snow plow driver that he was a dwarf and that he forgot his license at home...creative. Luckily neither child nor the car were damaged in the accident. 


Rihanna Celebrates B Day - Yesterday bad gal Riri turned 26 and to celebrate she went to Aspen, Colorado. She put up mad pics of her day on her Instagram. She went sledding, she hit the slopes on a rubber tube and enjoyed some cake cake cake cake. 




Obama The Face Of Viagra - Not only is President Obama the face of the free world but apparently he is also the face of Viagra. One of Pakistan's most conservative regions has decided to use the POTUS' face as the cover of contraband Viagra.The pills are being smuggled illegally into the country and sold at high prices. One resident against the little blue pills said, "It is very bad that shopkeepers are selling these pills… it’s wrong the government should ban them, they have paralyzed men’s sexual organs, paralyzed people’s legs and genitals."




NJ Officials Investigate Lynching Photo By High Schoolers - Some high school students out of New Jersey are being investigated for an extremely offensive picture they posted online. The boys, of Phillipsburg High School's wrestling team, put up a picture posing with a black wrestling dummy that was hanging from a noose. The dummy’s shirt had a rival schools name, Paulsboro. All of the boys in the photo were white and two of them even positioned their hoods into points like members of the KKK. The boys have been suspended from the wrestling tournament. The state civil right agency is looking into it. The superintendent of schools would not say whether the picture was taken on school ground but did say, "This is a student matter that is currently under investigation and upon conclusion of the investigation, the district will take those actions necessary and allowable with law and district policies." The wrestling coach was also tight-lipped about the matter calling it "private" and "under investigation." 


Girls Scout Sells Cookies Outside Weed Dispensary - Some girl scouts from San Francisco have gotten a huge head start on marketing/ product placement lessons. The girls decided to sell their cookies outside of a medical marijuana dispensary for those who may get the "munchies". Smart girls! Well not everyone supports this. The Colorado Girl Scouts Twitter page said they did not support the move- California doesn't have any rules about location and said that the decision on where to sell is up to the parents.A mother of one of the girls said, "I feel like it’s safe...There’s always a security guard and cameras everywhere." With sales at 117 boxes in just two hours compared to an average of 37 outside of a grocery store- I think these girls are winning. 






Jason Collins Back On The Court? - According to reports Jason Collins has been working out with the Brooklyn Nets. Collins has played for Boston and Washington and at the end of last season he announced that he is gay. General Manager, Billy King, says that he does have a list of players that he is considering and that Collins is on the list. Jason Kidd is part of that management teams and he played with Jason, so it makes sense. If signed, he would be the first openly gay active player in the NBA. 




Chickie’s & Pete’s Paying $8 Million - Chickie And Pete’s have agreed to pay its servers more than $8 million in back wages and damages. They conducted a yearlong investigation at nine locations found that the chain required its wait staff to contribute to a tip pool, then kept 60 percent of it. Just disrespectful. I used to be a waitress and they don’t make a lot of money to begin with and depend on tips. The Labor Department’s regional director of enforcement for the wage and hour division said, “Tips are the property of the employees who receive them. Management is not allowed to participate in the tip pool.” He said if the servers didn’t give back the tips at the end of the night they were threatened with disciplinary action. He says the investigation also found that the chain failed to pay the tipped-worker minimum wage of $2.13 an hour, didn’t pay overtime, didn’t pay at all for mandatory meetings and training, and charged the workers for uniforms. They now they will pay out.




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