Paula Deen Appears On "TODAY"- After cancelling her Friday appearance on the Today Show because of “exhaustion”, Paula Deen showed up for an interview with Matt Lauer. During her interview Lauer questioned whether she was a racist and if her real intentions for showing up for the interview were financial or otherwise. Paula said, “I believe that every creature on this earth was created equal.” “There’s been some very very hurtful lies said about me… "People that have worked beside me, have walked beside me, know what kind of person I am. I am so distressed that people I have never heard of are [suddenly] experts on who I am.” She says that the youth need to rectify how they speak to each other, “It's very distressing for me to go into my kitchens and hear what people are calling each other. I think for this problem to be worked on these young people are gonna have to take control and start showing respect for each other.” She made sure to mention how thankful she was for the partners that had not cut ties with her like Food Network and Smithfield had but unfortunately for her, after the interview Walmart and Ceasars have also decided to cut her off. She also said her father taught her to treat everyone equally. The interview ended in tears with Paula saying, “I is what I is and I’m not changing.”



Sources Say Nelson Mandela Is Doing Bad- Nelson Mandela’s condition has been classified as critical for the past couple of days and now according to sources he is on life support. Sources close to the family say, “He is on a ventilation life support and his kidney function is very low. He is critical, but has a entire team of doctors, from a cardiac specialist, pulmonary specialist, kidney specialist and a main consultant looking after him.” Mandela is said to be dealing with a lung infection and kidney failure and undergoing renal dialysis every other day.


2 Pac Musical Coming To Broadway- A new musical coming to Broadway titled “Holler If Ya Hear Me” will be inspired by Tupac and will use much of his music. The play will tell the story of two inner-city childhood friends and is not a biography of 2 Pac’s life. There’s no official debut date but it’s expected to start in the 2013-2014 season.


Supreme Court Makes Decision On Same-Sex Marriage- Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which denied marriage rights to same sex couples was unconstitutional. What this means is that the states that have passed the law that allows same sex partners to get married will have the same rights as a straight couple. This does not apply for PA or NJ.  PA has not passed the law and in NJ same sex couples are allowed to be bonded in a civil-union, but not marriage.  


Meek Mill Book Being Made Into Movie-Meek Mill’s debut novel “Tony’s Story” has been picked up by Queen Latifah’s production company Flavor Unit and will be made into a movie. Flavor Unit and Dreamchasers Films will create The Tony Story which is a “fictional American crime drama influenced by Mill's experiences growing up hard in Philadelphia.” Meek Mill is supposed to star.


NFL Star Charged With Murder- New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez has been charged with murder in the death of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd. The prosecution says that Hernandez and Lloyd’s friendship went bad when they were in the club Lloyd was seen talking to people that Hernandez had problems with. It is believed that Hernandez orchestrated the execution-style killing where Lloyd was shot 5 times in an industrial park. Hernandez was a rising star in the NFL who had just signed a 5 year $41 million contract. Hernandez’s defense says that the prosecutions argument is completely circumstantial.  His friends dead body was found about 1 mile away from his home.



Supreme Court Throws Out Central Part Of Voting Rights Act- The US Supreme Court has struck down a central portion of the Voting Rights Act saying that Congress overstepped its boundaries when it reenacted the landmark Civil Righs Law in 2006. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 outlawed discriminatory practices when it came to voting access practices. The 25 year extension granted in 2006 required states to get approval from the Department of Justice before making voting rights changes. The decision made on Tuesday said that the extension granted in 2006, “failed to demonstrate that current conditions justify the extraordinary remedy under the Voting Rights Act (VRA) of forcing certain state and local governments to obtain pre-approval from Washington before implementing any changes to their election procedures.” President Obama has said that he is “deeply disappointed” by the court’s action.


Woman Drinks Only Soda for 16 Years, Suffers Heart Problems- A 31 year old woman from France says that her recent heart problems and fainting spells may be a result of the fact that she has only been drinking soda, no water, for the past 16 years. She has been diagnosed with QT syndrome- erratic heart beats- and low potassium levels. After eliminating soda from her diet for just one week her potassium levels and heartbeats are back to normal. Excessive soda consumption has been connected with weight gain, heart disease, low potassium levels, increased urine production, diarrhea and heart rhythm problems.


"Forbes" Most Powerful Celebs List

Oprah Winfrey tops this year's Forbes 100 Most Powerful celebrity List. Beyonce was Number Four, Steven Speilberg was Number Three, Jennifer Lopez Number 12 and Rihanna was Number 13. Surprisingly LeBron James was Number 16.