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Nas To Screen Time Is Illmatic During Fall Tour 

Nas is hitting the road again in celebration of the 20th anniversary of his debut album ‘Illmatic.’ This time instead of just performing he will also be screening his Tribeca Film Festival documentary ‘Time Is Illlmatic’. 

The film will be screened for audiences first and then Nas will perform the album from start to end. 

The project will open in select theaters in New York on October 1st followed by a national expansion.  

If you aren’t able to make the show or theaters you’re not out of luck because ‘Time is Illmatic’ will be available on iTunes starting October 3rd. 

Robin Williams Hung Himself

When reports of comedian Robin Williams' death surfaced, it was believed that the actor took his own life. These suspicions were confirmed by the coroner and sheriff’s officials yesterday.  

Williams’ personal assistant found him dead in his home on Monday. There were surface cuts on his wrists leading investigators to believe that he tried to slit his wrists.  

A pocketknife was found near his body. The ultimate cause of death however, was hanging. 

Williams tied a belt around his neck and secured the loose end between the closet door and frame. He was in a seated position, slightly suspended.  

Toxicology reports that will determine whether he had any drugs or alcohol in his system at the time are pending.  

Williams had been suffering from major depression and alcoholism- he had just finished a rehabilitation program. 

Steve Ballmer Becomes Owner Of LA Clippers 

After several months of court hearings and back and forth, the LA Clippers finally have a new owner.  

Against Donald Sterling’s wishes, former Microsoft CEO billionaire Steve Ballmer now has ownership of the team. The sale was confirmed by an LA judge yesterday- overruling Sterling’s petitions to keep the team. Ballmer commented on the closing with, “Really excited - in a pretty hardcore way - to continue the path to making the Clippers a better and better basketball team, and a better and better citizen of the Los Angeles community.” Ballmer is an avid basketball fan and has wanted to own a team for some time now- his bid for  the Sacramento Kings last year didn’t work out. Team members also seem to be excited about the change with Blake Griffin saying, “I look forward to having Mr. Ballmer as the owner and continuing our pursuit of a championship.” Shelly Sterling who was behind the sale, but upset about losing ownership, will become “owner emeritus”. She will get two floor seats, 10 additional seats and parking at the Staples center.