KKK, NAACP Leaders In Wyoming Have Historic Meeting - Casper, Wyoming was the meeting place this past Saturday for a historic meeting between the local branches of the Ku Klux Klan and the NAACP. The groups were meeting to discuss recent acts of violence against black men in the area and the distribution of KKK pamphlets. The NAACP branch president reached out to the branch president of the KKK back in June but the two groups had to come to several agreements before the meeting could be scheduled- including the requirement of heavy security. Talked about the KKK's desire to secede from the union, segregation and violence against black men. John Abarr- a member of the klan- said that he’s seen an increase in membership since the election of President Obama and likes being in the klan because “you wear robes, and get out and light crosses, and have secret handshakes. I sort of like it that people think I’m some sort of outlaw.” Abarr doesn’t agree with hate crimes against blacks saying that his non-violent and religious. He likes to recruit radical young members and use the klan as a way to calm them down.


Next Android Version To Be Named KIT KAT - Google has announced that the next Andriod to be released will be called KitKat in honor of the well-known candy bar that the creators of the device snacked on while developing the product. Google’s marketing director for Android said, “We couldn't imagine a better name for our Android K release than the tasty chocolate that's been a favorite among the team since the early days of Android.” Nestle- KitKat’s maker- is excited about the partnership preparing 50 million candy bars with the Google android robot on the package for distribution. Some lucky customers will get an android shaped bar. No word yet on the actual release date of the phone but techies are predicting that it will be available sometime this fall.


George Zimmerman Pulled Over For Speeding - How ironic that George Zimmerman keeps finding himself in trouble with the law. For the second time since being acquitted of charges related to his killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman has been pulled over for speeding. Officers in Lake Mary, Florida clocked him doing 60mph in a 45mph zone. Thankfully he didn’t have a gun in his car this time. He received a $265 ticket.



Kanye West Slammed By Human Rights Foundation – Kanye West has been slammed by the Human Right Foundation for his performance in Kazakhstan this past weekend. The HRF President said, "Kazakhstan is a human rights wasteland. The regime crushes freedom of speech and association -- someone like Kanye, who makes a living expressing his views, would find himself in a prison under Nazarbayev's rule. This particular dictator's ruthless behavior includes kidnapping the families of dissidents to his rule and abusing judicial systems across the world in persecuting his opponents." Well Ye was paid $3 million to perform at the wedding of President Nursultan Nazarbayev's grandson.


Congregation, Under Fire For Requesting 'Only White' Greeters - A pastor at a church in North Carolina is under fire for requesting that only white congregation members serve as greeters for the 9AM service during the church’s busiest season. One of the African American lead pastors sent an email to the congregation which in part We are continuing to work to bring our racial demographic pendulum back to mid-line. So we would like to ask that only white people be on the front doors.” She has since apologized for the email and church officials told media outlets, “The pastors have been meeting with staff and church members to confirm their commitment to diversity and to ensure nothing like this happens again. Freedom House believes in a diverse relationship within its membership, reflecting the larger community in which the church resides, doing life together as a church representative of everyone -- culturally, ethnically, economically, and generationally.”


Samsung To Release Smart Watch - Samsung is looking to take “smart technology” to a new level with their new smart watch called the Samsung Galaxy Gear. It has a 1.9-megapixel camera, speaker, and microphone for making calls over a Bluetooth smartphone connection. The watch can also notify you of text, calls and message alerts appearing on your smart phone. The watch will have music playing abilities and apps like RunKeeper and My FitnessPal. Basically a smartphone for your wrist! The Gear will cost about $300.


Plies Gets Trayvon Chain - Rappers have shown their support for Trayvon Martin in different ways- from rallies to songs. Plies showed his support in the form of a Gold Piece. The chain has Martin’s face with a hoodie on. When he revealed the chain he talked about how much Trayvon Martin’s case impacted his life and how he’ll keep him around his neck at all times. Shoutout to him for keeping the story alive.


Jay Z Selling Nets Stake To Coach - Jay Z who owns 1/6 of 1% of the Nets franchise is selling off his stake. Half of his portion is going to coach Jason Kidd for $500,000 and the other half is going to an undisclosed party. Kidd is now coach and .083% owner which could become awkward if he were to get released from the team. Should he ever be employed by another team he would have to relinquish his shares.


Young Guru Joins USC Staff - Engineer, producer and DJ, Young Guru is the newest member of the University of Southern California staff. Most recently he was the DJ on the Watch The Throne tour and Guru has been hired by the Thornton School of Music as artist-in-residence in the contemporary music division. There he will lecture on music production. This isn’t his first time serving as educator- he has also lectured at New York University, Emory, Loyola New Orleans, Middle Tennessee State and Drexel. When asked what people can expect from his course he said, “We’ll start with sound. One of the greatest things my teachers did for me was to take my mind away from simply engineering and becoming a practitioner of audio, which means you think about audio in all situations — not just in the recorded music form.”


Rapist Collapsed After Hearing He Got HIV from Victim - 27 Richard Thomas collapsed when police told him that he may have contracted HIV from a woman that he sexually assaulted. Thomas broke into the woman’s home and raped her. He pled guilty to the charges saying that he was under the influence of alcohol and ecstasy. He was sentenced to 5 years and four months in prison. His test results will be returned later this week.

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